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stamp the passport with SLC

stamp the passport with SLC

I would have blogged sooner, but I have been reading. I am so annoyed with my lack of self control. I am about ½ thru the 3rd book Eeclipse  and at this point, I just have to finish it because I can think of little else. It’s irritating me. I did have to get my teeth cleaned today, and was informed that it’s been since ’02 that I had been in for a proper cleaning! It’s a miracle that I didn’t have any new cavities! Cause for a small celebration of course…and I snacked on my current favorite: ‘archers farm black and white trail mix’ (available only at Target!) all the way home. Do you want to hear something pathetic? I tried to read while the hygienist worked on my teeth!! Not only am I desperate to rid myself of this overwhelming distraction, but thought it would keep my mind off of my LEAST favorite activity- teeth scraping. In any event… we are in SLC! We flew in last night. The original plan was to drive, but our car has been in the shop and the problem apparently still not fixed. We decided to cash in our precious sky-miles and get last minute tickets. Needless to say, the kids were delighted not to have 12 hours in the car… I was secretly planning on those 12 hours to get this book problem taken care of!
We had a great time hanging out today- catching up with everyone and terrorizing my mom’s house. We had pizza benders for dinner…always a  crowd pleaser. No matter where I go, where I live, how old I am…I think that a pizza bender from Italian Village in Murray, Utah will always be my favorite food on earth. It’s best when you eat it there…super hot.  A pizza bender is kind of like a calzone, but softer and instead of the sauce inside, you dip it in the sauce. If you live in the vicinity, and you haven’t been there…you should go. Beware of the wait. Tomorrow I have to get a ‘Big H’ from Hires… my other SLC fav. I used to be a waitress at Hires forever ago. I love the hot ham and cheese there too- so whenever I go, it’s this excruciating choice. The best part is the fry sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I like to be sure we get fries AND onion rings. Again, I really don’t like the take-out version. I think that I am not a big fan of take out no matter what. Img_1801

So I promised a few shots from my NYC trip! Here they are… the highlight of the trip aside from the 13 hours of interruption-free-sleep in a ‘heavenly bed’ was stopping at the Henri Bendel. So fabulous. The displays made me so happy. I didn’t get a great photo… I wasn’t sure if they would freak out with me taking photos inside. They had these mannequins that were painted the same color as the dresses they wore, and then were dripping with ultra-bright fabulous jewelry (can you see the red and purple ones in the background?).Mmmm. I LOVED it. they were having some kind of perfume event…and I had a perfume consultant help me pick out a new fragrance. I am still smelling my wrists.  As usual, very inspiring to be in NYC.
Things went very smoothly at QVC—result of a wonderful team of people that help to make sure everything is perfectly prepped and in place. It’s amazing to see that whole thing behind the scenes. I was so lucky to get a wonderful host (Pat) who made me feel so at ease, and really helped me get control of my nerves (after the bling kit) and I got a cute pink jacket out of the deal! Not bad. Great excuse to shop. (Emily took me to a brand new ‘forever 21’ that just opened in Gilbert, AZ right before I had to catch a plane to go back east – worked out perfect!)
… I am off to CHA tomorrow. I know the kids will have a great time playing here in the snow. I am feeling sad to be missing out on all the festivities! I keep reminding myself this is a ‘work’ trip, with the BONUS of seeing family and friends. I will try to post some pics of the show over the next few days.

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