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start making pretty valentines!

start making pretty valentines!

I am working from my bed today… I am feeling super happy to be home. it’s so cold outside, so I am cuddled up in bed working on my computer, and watching Dora the Explorer with Capri and Connor! They are raiding my jewelry and putting on all my necklaces and bracelets. I have lots of the “magnetic” clasps so they are easy and fun for them to put them on… 

as you can tell, I didn’t blog once from the CHA show… I was teaching or talking, or working or playing every minute of everyday, and I am happy to report I was asleep before midnight every night… and in general, I was just completely crazy busy, with no time to blog! I didn’t even tweet much. So this week, I will be trying to catch up! I have so much to fill everyone in on, so bear with me!  But first… this is what I do to ‘recharge’ my creativity…….




Occasionally I am invited to create with the contents of a kit club… and it’s something that I LOVE to do! It’s just like a ‘free-play’ for me… and a way that I can just relax and play with cool stuff! Don’t you just love finding supplies right on your doorstep? I LOVE to carefully open the boxes and pull out all the contents, and spread them out on my art table and just get inspired! I like to lay it all out pretty, and let my mind start to imagine. This particular kit was just RIGHT up my alley – it featured a little “Parisian Anthology” Cardboard pieces, and I LOVE these! And I really love the color combo of this kit… the hot pink and the oranges and black. This kit is called “Dreamsicle” and I stole this photo from their website… and if you click here, you can see all the bits and pieces up close, and you can see the list of all the goodies that are included in this kit! I had been working so hard on samples and various projects for CHA, that I was just feeling total creative BURN OUT, so this kit came at a great time for me to just kinda relax and create.

of course i LOVE the Parisian elements…but i also was super in love with the Maya road chipboard letters and those little tiny Basic Grey sticker letters…

16yearslayout the kit includes these really cute black acetate doilies…i will be honest, i had a bunch of things pop into my head, but i loved them so much, i didn't want to USE them! but i broke down, and decided to use them all together to create these little circle elements… this background paper was my favorite in the kit.  here they are kinda close up:

Loveyou i mentioned earlier, the chipboard letters and the stickers are perfect together! i did use Tattered Angels GLAM on the chipboard and i made my own little heart from the black cardstock… the pointer finger was something i printed onto transperancy (it's from the haunted dingbats)…

2ndcircle i use the fiskars circle cutter… it's my favorite. and i cut all the hearts free hand w/ the Bazzilll cardstock in the kit… but this set of hearts is the best:


i layered 3 hearts and sewed them down the middle…and on this, you can see those black Prima sticky beads. so cute.   i do love how this page turned out… love the soft and fun, playful touches: ribbon ruffles, hand cut heart borders and course, a paper bow!!

next i wanted to create a layout w/ this photo of Capri…she is so adorable, and i love her smile in this photo. she guards her most real smiles. 


i started this one by cutting a big heart. and i knew that i wanted a fancy topper…

Topswagin addition to the adorable paper bows that i am addicted to…i couldn't resist adding some valentine must-haves: crepe paper…red and white topped off w/ the black and creme damask. and just cause i am a sucker for the ruffles, i added a text paper ruffle over all that. overkill?? (maybe!) Moreswag

below the overly ruffly topper, i thought… let's keep the party going w/ some swags… and i turned to the Pink Paislee Artisan elements. i was going to paint them up, but i wound up liking the color them come in!

i roughed up all the cardboard elelments: flowers, butterflies, cake plate and butterflies, and if i didn't add a jewely button from my stash, i added some pink glitter. perfect!

Adore usually, i like to color these cardboard elements, but this time i left their color as-is, and just distressed them


i opted not to put ruffles around the whole heart, but i just tucked them inot the bottom portions..


i saved this heart… and wound up using it here…


i'll be demoing this card construction HOW TO later in a webshow on Feb. 9…along w/ the PAPER BOW tutorial!! so mark your calendar!

Pretty valentines
thanks you Dixie Pieces folks! i LOVE what you sent… and THANKS for the creative play!

my plan is to kick off Feb. by putting homdmade valentine creations on the fridge..these make a great start!




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