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starting in florida

starting in florida

I am still riddled with guilt because I didn’t do something that I have done every year-every year that I can remember. Now, I think that there were a couple years that they didn’t all get sent out….but every year I have made a christmas card. Every year had a family photo… but not this year. I had a vision of getting a great family photo on the beach. In my mind, it was a perfect photo, the kind you blow up and hang up in your house… but I made the cardinal mistake. A mistake that I made for the second time. The mistake: waiting until the LAST DAY of your vacation to take your family photo.  Last year, summer-2007, my family was having a family ‘reunion’…at Newport Beach. We were staying at a beach house, all my siblings and parents … it was the first time we were all on vacation together, it was like a huge deal, especially since we were moving to china. Well, we wanted to get a big family photo, and we were so excited, – on the beach- and we were all going to be tan etc. tragedy struck, eric and Cameron were surfing, and the board that eric was on slammed into Cameron’s face and blitzed his front 2 teeth- it was major, and cam and rane had to jump in the car and drive home quick to get to the orthodontist etc. gone were the possibilities of the family photo!  History repeated itself this year… I had arrange to have Chanel take our family photo and about 3 hours before we would be having our photo taken… her cute daughter, Emra fell on the rocks at the beach and cut her head open and had to be rushed to get stitches. So, the vibe was kinda shot. We did take some photos, but it was a little dark, and trying to get the babies to look, and everyone be cute.. UGH.. it just was a bomb. But I have to come up with something. I guess it will be a valentines day card or something. I don’t know. I am so bummed at myself! Anyway… I did try to redeem myself and give a few of my friends a New Years present.  These turned out SO cute, I have to say, I love them!
For Create ’08, I had these fabulous silver bags made up, and I brought like 10 of them home and I stamped one of my favorite quotes with the black archival ink from Ranger.
The Quote I found in the new ‘Happily Grateful” book from Compendium, and it’s totally one of my new year’s resolution:

“Happiness itself is a kind of Gratitude –Joseph W. Krutch”
(I picked a quote to go with each one of my resolutions!; now you know 2 of them!)
I am really serious about my resolutions this year … really excited and motivated. Anyway.. if you are lucky enough to have one of these cute bags from Create ’08, and you want to stamp a cute quote on your bag, just keep in mind, that when you stamp, don’t press too hard; just sorta ‘kiss’ the surface of the bag. You need to make sure that you use a fresh ink pad, so that you have good ink coverage..  If you weren’t lucky enough to get a cute silver bag, you could buy one from Chanel by emailing her, and she’ll mail you one! ($15.00 australian dollars).
SO- I am blogging from the Courtyard Marriott in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Tomorrow I am embarking on the Ultimate Scrapbook Cruise! I flew A LOT of hours to get here… including 2 overnight flights! I left my sweet family home in the cold confines of Beijing…and even though it’s so beautiful here, and I am excited to be with all my friends on the cruise, and I have a really fabulous project to teach them! AND my parents are coming and I get to hang out with them…sigh… I am already missing my kids and Eric! It’s only been like 36 hours. Capri has figured out what it means when the suitcases come out. she was so sad. She was gathering up her stuff, and trying to pack it in my bags. She was telling me ‘I go’. Heartbroken, I climbed on the plane to come here. I did have to laugh this morning when I called to check in at 5am Florida time, and Capri answered the phone and talked my ear off. ½ in English and ½ in Chinese… funny. I miss you guys, ALREADY!

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