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Storyline | A Year of Stories

Storyline | A Year of Stories

What if I told you that you could scrapbook an entire year in just 12 pages?  What if I told you that it would take you less than 10 minutes to create each page?  What if I told you that creating an album of memories would not overwhelm you…but inspire you?

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Today I want to share just how I am doing this and how incredible of a system it really truly is.

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At the end of March this year my son Madix turned 3.  This was just a little after the brand new Storyline system was first hitting store shelves.  Up until this point, I had photos.  I had my planner.  I had a few albums.  But something was really missing.  It was something deeper.  It was the stories.

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I think it honestly began to scare me once Madix turned 3 how fast time was really flying by and how much I was already forgetting (and how much documenting I WAS NOT doing).  This beautiful little boy’s life and stories were passing me be at warp speed because for some reason up until this point I just did not know how to get them down.  I did not have a ton of time to spend hours creating perfect pages, albums or journals.  It can also be very hard to find products and supplies out there that I like for boy pages!  Really…it is a thing!  I mean…I probably could have tried and created something but it was almost as if I felt paralyzed as to where to even start.  I already felt SO behind and like nothing was just working for me.  Could I just start something now and be OK with that?

Yes.  The answer was yes.

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A system that focused on photos, prompts and story telling.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Truly it could not have been more perfect of an answer for me.

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I truly love the Storyline Deck of Days kits because they are full of awesome and fun universal prompts and jump off points that fit perfectly with all the “life stuff”.  Especially when you do not know what to write…or if you feel you are not the “journaling type”.  These are the perfect solution for that.

For my son’s album specifically I found I really loved working with these specific Deck of Days kits:








These kits are perfect because they offer a variety of creative titles in bold neutral colours and designs that work so well in a boy album.  I am having so much fun working with these kits to create my pages.

Since March I have began my son’s Storyline journey.

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12 months. 12 stories.  1 page a month.  That is it.

By next March I will have recorded a year of my boys life.  Granted, it is not EVERY photo.  And granted it is not EVERY story.  But it is SOMETHING.  And something will always better be nothing.  The stories are not always huge or monumental, and more often than not the photos are ones quickly printed off my iPhone.  However when they come together it really is such a beautiful testament to life, the beauty of documenting it and the gift of getting to relive these moments over and over again.

So on that note, let me share his stories with you and where this year has taken us…

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On the left we have a story about my boy who just turned 3.  Who loves to play soccer, who is learning to talk more and more and who is obsessed with Curious George, his special blanket, his cousins and his grandparents.

storyline boy album (12 of 22)

On the right is a story about how I think he is the cutest when he wears his little underwear and how his sweet bare skin melts me each and every time.

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In May is a story about how Madix joined his first ever organized sport.  For a shy more reserved boy like my son this was a huge accomplishment for him.  He may not have enjoyed every practice, and sometimes would stand and watch by the sidelines…but it was so important for me to recognize that regardless of anything he showed a lot of courage and growth each and every time.

In June…Madix officially became a big brother.

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I wanted to remember how loving and accepting he was of this huge life change.  How brave he was.  How at home he was so excited to get his little sisters room all ready for her.  How he shared his special blanket with her, and prepared the baby toys for her.  How he placed the rattle and stuffed animal he bought for her in her crib so it would be there waiting for her when we brought her home.

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I wanted him to know how he handled this huge change like a champ.  These are the stories that are the gold of life.

In July we spent time camping as a family.  This was most likely the highlight of summer for him.  Madix LOVES camping.  I wanted to remember the stories of how he loved to play at the park, play at the beach, play “boat truck trailer” and his love for eating marshmallows.

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August are memories of growth.  Stories about much he has evolved and changed over the summer.  How proud of him I am.

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September stories are all about fall walks, changing colours and the beautiful curious mind of a 3 year old.

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So as you can see you do not need a lot of “stuff” to create a beautiful meaningful album.

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Sometimes I often think we can over complicate a very simple thing.  In any case…this system has really helped me reevaluate what memory keeping means to me and how I want to record my life and that of my families.  What is it that matters most to me?  DO THAT.  Let go of the need for perfectionism, for feeling ‘caught up’, or the need to be “on trend”.  Once you focus on the heart of the matter, everything will just fall into place.

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