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Storyline | Baby’s First Year Album

Storyline | Baby’s First Year Album

As I sit down to share this post, I am honestly trying to wrap my head around not only the fact that it is January 2018 (…I KNOW!) but also that I have a blossoming 6 month old baby girl filling my days with all things 6 months old babies do!  Smiles, giggles, cuddles, teething, crying, whining…the whole bit! 😉

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These first few days of January needless to say have been busy, and they just keep getting busier!  I think that is the norm though…am I right?!

With that being said…I cannot be more grateful than ever for Storyline!  It seriously saves me in more ways than one.  I have so many memory keeping goals for myself and truth be told a lot of them can easily fall through the cracks these days.  I just cannot get to what I want to do creatively…and sometimes that is really hard to accept.  However having Storyline has been such a game changer for me.  I literally can whip out a layout in 10 minutes or less with minimal mess, minimal product but ALL those feel good feels at the end.  How is that for a win-win?!  I love when I can feel accomplished…because sometimes these momma duties can wear on you and when it comes to the house upkeep I honestly feel like I never finish anything!  Anyone with me?!?  Lucky these kiddos are cute I tell ya 😉

storylinealbumbrynn (6 of 6)

Today I want to share my Storyline journey so far (AND how seriously awesome it feels).

Staying committed to a project, actually accomplishing a goal and being creative to me is one of the best feelings in the world.  I think taking on this Storyline project has reassured me that memory keeping does not have to be difficult or take up a lot of time.  It also does not have to include every photo or every memory to matter or reflect the end result.  A memory is a memory whether it is one, two or a thousand.  They are all connected and one will serve to keep the rest alive.

I filmed a video walk through of Brynn’s album thus far to give you an idea of how I am compiling her book.

You will notice in my video that I am keeping most (if not all) the pages super simple and to the point.  My overall goal is to at least contribute one memory a month into her album.  Some of these pages have included her monthly photo, a specific event/holiday from that month (ex. Halloween), a favourite photo and a health unit visit.  Documenting in this way has really taken the pressure off and made me realize as I look back on my pages that:

      *something is always better than nothing

      *you do not have to include every single photo you have taken to create a meaningful project

      *telling the story behind your photos will make you so happy one day

      *time goes too fast

      *i am so grateful that I did this

and what I think I realized MOST when I was creating this video (while looking back at all of her pages thus far) is that you think you will remember all of the details, the feelings, the moments…BUT you don’t.  It is SO important to write things down alongside your photos.  I cannot stress this enough.

I get how busy just the everyday is (especially for new moms) so a few things I do to help me out with my documenting are keeping a notebook or planner handy where I can quickly jot down a note or two about a memory/moment I know I want to place in her album.  That way when I have a few extra minutes (usually in the evening once bedtime has happened) I can quickly print out my photo and create my page without having to try and remember what it was I wanted noted in the first place.  I also keep my Storyline supplies in one place altogether.  In a plastic bin is where I keep my Deck of Days, Journaling kits and adhesive.  It’s ready to go in an instant as there is no extra time to be looking for stuff or digging it out!  It also makes clean up a breeze.

At the end of the day I think we can all agree that time is moving SO quickly. For myself personally, as busy and exhausting as the days seem with little ones, this time is more precious to me than I can describe.  I am eternally grateful for my photographs and memories as they are truly the greatest treasures in life.  Having just some of those moments frozen forever within the pages of this album is gold.

“sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – dr. seuss

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