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The one thing I love most about using my Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Memory Planner is its ability to transport me back in time.  When some weeks are better than others (cause you know, we all have them…) a look back in my Memory Planner is often just what the doctor ordered when I require a little pick me up.

This is one of the weeks that serves as a stand out memory for me.  One of those weeks I will always want to remember, and because it is in my Memory Planner I truly will never forget.

The beauty of this week is also in its creation.  Sometimes if you are ever going back to work in previous weeks in your Memory Planner, one of my most helpful tips is limiting supplies.  By that I mean just sticking to one major accessory.  In this case I used pretty much only the 12×12 Storyline Chapters Paper Pad.  Because that pad comes with 2 huge sized sticker sheets, it is truly an easy way to accessorize and embellish a page.  I love that!

Of course, I always have to add in a few favourite highlight photos.  These usually serve as a huge jumping point for me when it comes to my note taking and journaling.  Which, is another helpful tip if you ever think…what can I write?

This was a week to remember for me.  It was taking some time to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary with a mini getaway with friends to the mountains.  This location has become a favourite of ours this year… and will certainly be remembered as our heart space of 2020.  The mountains to me are always such a healing environment and I am so thankful for the happy times we shared there this year.  I especially loved hiking Grassi Lakes trail. I have never seen a more beautiful lake in my life.  The natural pristine undisturbed beauty is truly something to behold.

I cannot emphasize more how healing and cathartic Memory Planning is.  It is just a perfect combination of list making, journaling, creativity and scrapbooking all rolled into one.  I also love the monthly teachings and inspiration Heidi Swapp provides with her Stop The Blur monthly subscription class.  It is the perfect component in keeping motivation moving at a perfect momentum, with something fresh and new in each new monthly release.  There is always something to learn and be inspired by.  If you have not yet done so, I highly recommend checking it out!

I was flipping through this years Memory Planner of mine and I cannot believe we are here in December.  Wow.  Kind of at a loss for words, as it has been a year my friends has it not?  As we enter this last month of 2020 please know I am thinking of you and cheering you on.  We have all come so far, haven’t we?

Thanks so much for taking time to check in and see some of my latest work.  I hope you are inspired to give your own memory planning a try.  I know you have treasured memories to share.

Be sure to check out JoAnn Stores and JoAnn online for a full look at what I used to create my memory planner pages.  Everything I used here can be found right now, both in store and online.


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