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Hello everyone and welcome to the (near) end of 2021.


I don’t know if we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief or bracing for the next year ahead, however I DO know that nothing excites me more than beginning a fresh and brand new planner. The joy. The pure joy.  Nothing like a fresh planner my friends.  I just love it so much!

So today I want to share a fun and easy DIY hack when it comes to prepping a new planner.

This planner is going to be my 2022 Content Planner for the new year.  I always need one space where I can just hash it all out.

Brainstorm, jot note, record, itemize, strategize and of course track and schedule all of the things I want to put out this year.

This planner is going to be my ‘right hand man’ for 2022 and I am excited for this variation!

Due to this planner being content specific, I needed one space with multiple options for recording and documenting.  That is when I quickly thought about the layouts of the Storyline Chapters Planner inserts.  These inserts are wonderful because they have just what I needed.  Calendar spreads, weekly spreads plus additional spaces for all the things.  However, this year I really need all of my ideas and tracking in ONE place…so I decided to modify these journals with a little help of my favourite tool…the We R Memory Keepers Cinch.

Modify you ask?! Well friends…sit back and watch just how easy it is to transform these notebooks together into one beautiful coiled book!

I am always in the market for a good little hack, and this is such an easy and user friendly way to customize these notebooks.  Another bonus to having the coil binding is that it is also super easy to add in additional pages if and when needed.  It really is a win-win!

You will note that in the video, the Cinch I used is the larger model…however now having the “mini” cinch at our disposal makes creating coiled notebooks even quicker and easier having such a smaller yet just as powerful and efficient tool available.  Anything that takes up less desk and workspace is a friend of mine.

I used the planner specific notebooks from the Storyline Chapters collection to compile this notebook, but don’t forget that you could also incorporate the journaler notebook inserts into this project as well as the scrapbooker ones.  That way you can really have a beautiful and eclectic mix to meet any and every documenting need you have.  Hmmm… I think I just came up with another idea and now need to make myself another planner for 2022 STAT 🙂

I am so ready for a fresh start, a new year, and bringing forth more ideas of creativity, learning, education, and inspiration!

Let’s go 2022 time to make it happen!

Supplies: Storyline Chapters ; We R Memory Keepers

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