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This year I have been intentionally making it a monthly practice to go through my camera roll and print out some favourites for a Storyline Chapters Scrapbooker spread.  The Scrapbooker notebook is wonderful in that it is the perfect place to house those photos that make up the everyday stories.  The space is not too big, not too small…but just right for getting that satisfying urge of scrapbooking a page complete in every way.

I think that is one of the most beautiful things about this process of story telling.  It is completely achievable and doable.  And ends up capturing those memories in the best way.

One of my most favourite ways to showcase a double page spread is print a larger photo to “highlight” my entire page.  This photo is a 5×7 embellished with some stamping and tags.  I absolutely adore the stamp set I used here, it is the Emerson Lane stamp set and is filled with beautiful sentiments that make any scrapbook page amazing.

To contrast my larger photo choice, nothing beats a simple grid of smaller photos beside.  This is literally a fool proof looks amazing every time kind of solution when working with any page or spread.  Accessorize with coordinating stickers from the paper pads and again…more stamping and its all you need to take your Storyline Chapters scrapbooker from blank to fantastic.  A simple collection of basic supplies and it will bring your Storyline Chapters Scrapbooker notebook to life in no time.

A special collection of memories now held and documented to be enjoyed over time forever.  I love that these photos are printed, I can hold this memory in my hands and reflect and relive it whenever I need to.

Storyline Chapters is a brilliant system and way to memory keep.  I hope you are intrigued to get some of your photos printed and play with some of the ideas I shared today.  I know once you get started you will love this system so much too.

Be sure to check out the fabulous Storyline Chapters products right now at JoAnn Stores and JoAnn online.

Supplies: Storyline Chapters; Emerson Lane Clear Stamp Set


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