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street smarts.

street smarts.

As my boys have gotten older, I have found it a little more challenging to come up with stuff that ‘fits’ the photos I take of them. photos that are usually featuring them on something with wheels, or doing some kind of strenuous, dangerous or wild and crazy activity! Clearly, pink is not an option. I have played the ‘pink’ card a time or two… but I really felt like I needed to come up with something that really worked to capture their vibe. I guess you could say that they are the inspiration for my new ‘street smarts’ collection… the collection includes 6 papers, (doublesided) as well as clear and glossy extras that coordinate, those glossy cobalt blue letters, and some grey houndstooth foam letters. Oh, and a sheet of really rad stickers. I would show you a photo of the whole set, but I have used up every bit of what I had sent over. (not very much)! and I have a box enroute, that I have been waiting for, but because of the Olympics and all the seriously amped up security measures going on, who knows when I will see it. (can you sense the irritation in my voice). So here are just a couple samples to give you an idea of how it looks. I will suffice it to say that it’s SO perfect for my boys, and I have been LOVING playing with it. when I was designing it, I was asking them what the ‘cool’ words were to say… and they told me that ‘radical’ was a cool word. Ha ha… they tend to say it with a certain level of sarcasm attached. I am in LOVE with that blue pop from those chipboard alphabets… I have some hot pink ones and black that are shiny and do that same ‘pop’. (they remind me of the purses I posted not too long ago!)
These sayings here on the side are the stickers all layered, and cut up just a bit. the background is a really funky plaid, and the frame is from another paper in the set.

Img_7428 the next one.. (‘shanghi’) is my favorite paper of the set… it’s called ‘toxic waste’ and i just love the grey and that cool green stripe! i do dig it. and then that big ‘sweet’ is a clear extra piece . dang.. i love the blue.

Img_7042 the ‘skateboard’ layout is also from that skate park in shanghi. just a quick and simple layout.. but a fUn one.. i like the contrast in color, shape and size of the letters. i like them layered. again.. dang that cool blue!

this might make you chuckle a little. it’s an ad we just did for this collection.. it might be similar to what you are thinking!

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