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sugar chic meets maui — memory file

sugar chic meets maui — memory file

We are about 2/3 through our ‘memory file celebration’ month and we have seen so many delightful ideas and possibilities!  everything from interactive mini-books, art/travel journals, storage ideas and clever ways to make them into mini’s and even rap sheets!

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a beautiful travel album created by Mona Pendleton… I love Mona’s stuff, and this project is no exception! Leave it to Mona to offer up a truly sophisticated version of Sugar Chic meets Maui!  while there are all kinds of ways to think completely ‘off the page’…I love that this project shows off that these files can also *be* a scrapbook page — while providing a true reflection of their creator!

Mona got some fabulous photos on their family vacation to Maui—and used several Memory files bound together quite simply with 2 book rings.  Mona has created such beautiful, classy pages that will speak for themselves.

When I think of a ‘mini-album’ I often think in terms of ‘mini’… or less surface area to cover. SO- I just really like that this ‘album’ is pretty much a full 8 ½ x 11 size- these spreads look great!

Usually, when you think of photos of Hawaii- you imagine the lush green, bright ‘tropical’ vibe… but in this case, I am so impressed with how the black and white photos give this air of ‘time-less-ness’.

Thank you Mona! Thanks for taking us along on your spectacular visit to Maui!

Note that these photos were from a trip in 2006… GOOD for you Mona, for going back in time to document this trip! I am sure that working with these photos brought back a flood-gate of memories! This is a fab album, and one that you could continue to add to as you complete pages-  thanks again Mona! BEAUTIFUL!

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