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suits, skirts, and PJ's

suits, skirts, and PJ's

In a short 6 hours I will be leaving (like on the plane in 6 hours) for South Africa! I get to teach in both Johannesburg and Cape Town…both Janet and I are teaching classes. I hope that it will be nice weather! i was in s. Africa a few years ago- back when there were only 3 children…man, it seems like ages ago! Anyway… we had the best time! so I am looking forward to going back. I haven’t ever been to Cape Town, so that will be cool. I have heard so much good about it… very cool! I really should be packing and not blogging! but I have to share just a few fun photos! these are for you mom and dad!  You will be here in what… 10 days? We can’t wait to see you! 

SO, we have been to the Summer Palace quite a number of times, and it never ceases to amaze me… I love it. anyway… I have been wanting to do a boat ride, so I thought this would be a good time to try! We rented this little electric boat with a pathetically S L O W motor on it… holy cow… it was sketchy! It was SUPER windy- it always is there. (look at Connor’s hair blowing!).  and my FAVORITE photo of the day was this one of Colton jumping
from some rocks to the window nook Img_5589of this building.  The kids love climbing around on everything! Every time we go, they explore more! Cam was nice enough to carry Capri on his back! Of course, she always gets so much attention everywhere we go!

So, today- we went to the fabric market. Cam was wanting to get a new suit or 2 made.. and I have a new fixation on getting pajamas made! so I bought more silky material! I love it.  the fabric market is such a crazy experience! They loved it. LaRane bought stuff to have some skirts made…we had a very successful trip! This afternoon, Eric took them to a local tailor and they got all measured up! I can’t wait to see the finished products.. Img_2381_2


The evening ended on this note..
Sweet Connor and a few first steps captured by LaRane… holy cow! Is that possible?Img_2356

Good times, good times..

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