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summer late night, late wake up

summer late night, late wake up

i think that the best thing about summer is that you just go
w/ the flow!

So, yesterday was a busy kind of day. I had lots of things
on “the list” and I was trying to be pretty productive… I did ok. There are
still a few things hanging over my head today- but about 2 or 3pm, I called it
quits and took the kids to the pool. we swam for a little while, and the whole
time I was just wishing I could close my eyes and take a nap…I felt so tired.
We came home via SONIC and I got a huge diet coke hoping that would make a dent
in my afternoon fatigue. Eric took the boys to rugby practice and I decided to
turn on a movie for the littles and ‘rest’ my eyes… that was at 5:30. Turns out
I wasn’t the only tired one.  At
8:30, maybe closer to 9pm, I woke up and Capri and Connor were still asleep on
the couches. I knew that we were in big trouble. I thought that maybe I could
just move them up to their beds, and they would just sleep through the night.
But we hadn’t eaten dinner or anything- Connor woke up and then Capri didn’t
wake up until about 10pm…

Needless to say, we had a late night movie night. And when I
say late night… I think that Connor made it until 2am and Capri until 3am.  So while I sat on the couch and watched “Monsters Inc.” and
then followed that up with “Planet 51”, I did some digital scrapbooking!  This is not easy for me! There is still
so much I have to learn- and I think that it might take me longer to do a page
digitally than it does physically! I do like that I can use any color or font.
I had fun!


i forgot that i had taken these photos, i was browsing my library looking for something to play with… they were so excited and i think that Capri wore this dress like everyday for a week, despite it still being cold in early May. i think that this dot paper is my fav.

Crazy hair

i was laughing when i ran across these photos as well…i was kinda surprised that i have never scrapbooked these photos actually… i couldn't believe that Colton would go to school with a pony tail on the top of his head. i used one of the NEW pieces that Janet will be showing off on the webshow tonight…  called "page starters" there are a BUNCH of theM!

and this was the last one i did last night-and i really like how it turned out. when we were in Cabo, we really only sat on the beach and ate out for dinner. not much to take photos of! so all the photos are of food, which really is a highlight, since i LOVE mexican food!  this night we were starving and i just remember the food tasting SOO good! this page makes me happy!

We have some new backgrounds on House of 3. They are all the
colors I am into right now- they are really clean and simple lines and grids
and dots.. they are cute. I love them! I need to get them printed out to play!
the kit comes with 40 files… it's huge! For these, especially the 8 ½ x 11 files are fun to play around w/ the printing
scale.  100% for a scrapbook
page…60-75% for a photo mat or large page element and 25-30% for a journaling


TONIGHT's WEBSHOW is coming LIVE from Janet Hopkin's house in Texas!! the time changes tonight… to 8pm Mountain time… 9pm in Texas… 7pm in California... she'll have 3 more scrapbook pages for our Summer scrapbook series and a FUN 4th of July **freebie**. i'll be moderating tonight.. and i love to chat! so i hope you'll come and play! CLICK HERE for the show page!


Incidentally, we all woke up about 10:00am. ½ the day is

oh, and this is what Cory looked like when he came home- no stiches, only a little super glue… the other kid, not so lucky! (first official Rugby injury…and yea, i am keeping count!) -he doesn't look too upset about it.


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