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sunday creating…

sunday creating…

I would like to say that I have been whittling away at the ‘stack’ of photos, but alas… no- I printed all these today. I think that the problem is that ever since I got my EPSON R1800, I am so totally spoiled with being able to print the shot I want, in the size I want, WHEN I want!! I honestly can’t imagine my life without it! a 12×12 printer is a must-have! And while they probably have a more-newer, fancier version than mine out by now, I would highly encourage the splurge. (any holidays coming up?) I printed these photos out earlier today- we had a bunch of friends over for lunch after church today…(more ‘goodbyes’.) and I have just been watching the photos all day, but still not really knowing I what I wanted to do with them. today was a really good day! good church (all of the BYU ball room dance team- lots of them- were in our branch today, all in cute black and white matching dresses. We get to see them perform wed. so I am excited about that… on a funny side note, colton whispered to eric and asked if all college girls were so pretty!)  yummy lunch, got a nap!, hard-core MONOPOLY game for most the afternoon into the evening, ending badly for everyone but Colton who had hotels on Park Lane and the other blue one, and had all 4 railroads. Chuckle. I can hardly believe I have kids old enough to play a serious game of monopoly. We had left-overs for dinner, which (I know, totally out of character for me!normally i HATE left overs) meant cleaning out the fridge, and not many dinner dishes! Yay. Once the babies were down, I called ‘scrapbook time’ and everyone left me alone.
I did this one of Connor playing ball first tonight. this is one that I wanted to do to just try to capture the way it felt to me, watching him obsess about playing baseball with the boys. I took a whole bunch of photos, trying to get a good one, but the light was low, and he would NOT hold still! But the combination of the little photos speak to me. and will remind me. of just how it feels to watch him- growing, moving and so happy. I wanted to use that turquoise swirl paper, cause it’s been on my mind (jen lowe, lol) and what I loved about what jen did was all the different ways that paper can cut apart. I wound up with just this strip on a piece of Basic Grey paper. Super simple ‘addressing the background’.  I also mentioned that I have been converted to ‘glossy accents’ by Ranger thanks to my friend Tim Holtz. It is by far the best thing I have used to adhere ‘ghost’ stuff… and well, everything else. I love it! I didn’t realize it was a great adhesive… thought it was just for dimensional shine like diamond glaze etc. Letters
anyway-so never fear on glueing down ghost- I used that to attach the lime green ghost letters(ball) to the page. now, you will laugh, but there are some things in my line that even though I designed them, and think they are cool, have never used them! gasp. I know. Well, there are not very many actually- but the chipboard letters that are called ‘mixed up’ the printing is different on each letter- I am pretty sure this is the first time I have used them… and I think they are perfect for this layout(PLAY). I filled up ½ the back of this page just writing more things I want to remember about these shots, and Connor right now. I feel afraid I am going to forget.
The next page I really like how it turned out. so soft and pretty. I think I mentioned that Capri is totally impossible to photograph. So sad, cause she is SO cute. Anyway, with quincy’s help, I snapped this one, and played with the color a little. It turned out so soft and pretty, I wanted a really soft layout- can you believe I didn’t use pink? (tim, I CAN diversify)…I think that this is the perfect color of yellow. I used the brown butterfly overlay, and a piece of my minds eye paper…and some of my gold metallic rub-ons to ‘address the background’. The benefit of scrapbooking on a messy table, is that sometimes there is stuff just sitting on your desk that you didn’t really pull out to use specifically, but it’s sitting there, and sorta makes it’s way onto your page! that was the case for that rounded corner piece that goes around quincy’s face. It’s from the world travelers glossy extras. The yellow banner is from the carefree glossy extras.
I also think it’s funny how one color that you use carries itself to the next project. that goldish color bazzill (wink) that I used for the photo mat for this page, also turned out to be the perfect color for the next page, that has a totally different feel, and vibe, but I must have been feeling that color!
I have been wanting to use this paper since I first got it. I really like this ‘recess’ collection from Basic Grey. I even used the punch outs, and the letter stickers. These were awesome letter stickers! So skinny, but when I stuck them down, they held well enough I could sand them. the top says ‘what are you dreaming sweet dreamer’…I am sure he is dreaming about all kinds of sports. He loves balls. So cute.
So, if you need a summer get-scrapbooking-challenge, to start working on your ‘stack’… here are a few suggestions:
1.    pull out a few photos you are feeling drawn or attached to, and make them visible for a little while before you go into work.
2.    Create a layout with a simple background and lots of small photos- collaged!
3.    Push yourself out of  your comfort zone, and mess with a favorite photo with some digital tricks you’ve been wanting to try! Add a brush, or just mess w/ the colors!
4.    Pick a piece of paper that you really love, but didn’t want to USE!! And USE IT.
5.    Write how the photo makes you FEEL rather than/ or in addition to what was going on in the photo.
6.    Block out some TIME to scrapbook. tell people not to bug you. ENJOY it. this is your summer too you know!!

Hmm, long post. I should go to bed.

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