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sunday nite.

sunday nite.

To all the mom’s out there… I hope you had a wonderful day! that you felt celebrated, appreciated and reminded of your amazing, important and precious role in the lives of your children, husbands and families. I had a great day…it’s been a super busy week, and it was great to end it on Mother’s Day! My children made sure that I got a 3 hour nap this afternoon… which quite frankly, is the best gift they could have ever given me!

Just a week ago (tonight) we were starting the move in process and started sleeping here. now, a week later- it almost feels like home! Looks and feels back to normal…and I look around and truly feel grateful, and blessed.

This week has been non-stop… I was delighted to have the opportunity to teach at Scrapbooks ETC this week. there were a lot of familiar faces, and also met a bunch of new friends! i really enjoyed sharing the ‘energy journal’ class…I feel so lucky to be BACK, and get the chance to teach again. I forgot how much I love it. i will be there again on June 16th teaching an all technique class using my new masks and invisibles… if you will be around, come and plaY!


Friday and Sat. were the official Creative Escape Preview days- it’s the ‘run through’. We bring in all the teachers and event volunteers and teach all the classes… with actual kits, power points, tools etc. we are able to fine tune the classes, and kits to be sure that things will run smoothly! Things went so great this weekend, and I had a blast… the projects are so cool! I totally felt inspired…and tried some new things and loved to play! I know I have mentioned this before, but I feel SO lucky to get to work so closely with my friends at Bazzill. They are amazing. I can hardly believe this is the 4th year! It’s a GREaT group of teachers… and very cool collection of projects! CE will be here before we know it!


I am looking forward to a new week! (you know I love MondaY!) and tomorrow is my sweet Quincy’s 8th birthday… have much to do!

Check this out… I am creating something fabulous with it! I can’t wait to show…

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