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sunny, blue skies, 70 degrees

sunny, blue skies, 70 degrees

ah, arizona.
happy to be back. there is NO WAY i can possibly catch up on all that has gone on. as usual, i look back and wish i would have been a better blogger. it’s been almost a month, since we hit US soil, and it’s been absolutely NON STOP! it’s been so great to be back! so nice to see, do and EAT! mexican, italian, fast, thai, …you name it. today was so beautiful! i drove to target with the windows rolled down! i bought easter stufft to take back…(totally feeling on the ball! it’s MARCH 23rd this year in case you haven’t looked! so early!) i got some glow-in-the-dark easter eggs. i think it could be on-going fun! i left target, and you guessed it! drove (still w/ windows down) to target and got a large diet coke for .88$- happy hour! (totally happy!) good stuff. i think that one of the best things about moving away, has
been that increased appreciation for the little things!
everyone that i run into, or catch up with since i have been back has asked me the same thing: how do you like china?? and my answer is always the same: ‘i love it’. i really do. that surprises me… just like it does everyone else. the following question is always the same: ‘what do you love about it?’ which then can potentially turn into a really long conversation… because there are so many things that i love about it. so much i have learned, so many ways i have grown, been stretched and pushed! to say nothing of the immense appreciation and gratitude for all that we have here. everything from the little things like the drive thru at sonic, and being able to get ‘cash back’ when i use my debit card! to the BIG things… FAMILY. my perspective is 100% different. in a good way. we only have a couple more days before it’s time to climb back on the plane again…and i am starting to panic again, about  making sure i have gathered what i need, and that i am mentally prepared for the flight and ensuing jet lag (deep breath). but i am anxious to get back to our ‘normal’ which i realize is anything but ‘normal’.  i saw something a week or 2 ago, when i was at my dentist’s office…and i keep thinking about it. and i think that it sort of captures the way i feel about being in china at this time of our life. it was a board that read "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing".
i love that.
here are some photos of the last few weeks… they kinda manage to capture some of the moments that i want to remember!Img_1880_2Img_1989
Img_3290  Fam


btw, i did add a photo album of CHA pics for your viewing pleasure. i wish i had taken more photos as usual! I have never come home from something and ever thought, i wish i didn’t take so many photos of that… always the opposite!

and just as a public service announcement… LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!!! even if it’s parked in your driveway or garage. this is to serve as a reminder that it’s NEVER a good time to have to cancel all your credit cards and get a new license. (so annoyed!) don’t leave valuables or KEYS in your car. even for a few minutes.

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