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It’s amazing how beautiful and sunny Arizona is. I guess this is what it feels like when you live in a cold and dreary WINTERY spot, and you come here for a vacation. It feels SO GOOD to walk outside and have it be bright and beautiful… palm trees…  not to mention: wide streets where people for the most part follow traffic laws, and you can pull through a drive through and order a large DIET COKE (NO, not a ‘coke light’, it’s NOT the same- at all)…smile. i have been feeling floods of emotions since arriving yesterday afternoon. The flights were long and Capri had a really hard time; and provided a hard time for everyone on the plane! They must not get very many families with 5 children (not to mention the 2 babes) flying on those international legs. We got so many comments and even more ‘looks’.  Not sure if it was the caravan we had going of luggage carts and strollers… or the 3 older kids terrorizing the place on their ‘heelys’…or maybe all the backpacks, bags, pillows, blankets, strollers, computers and car seats that we were shoving through the security check points…or maybe even the huge stack of passports, boarding passes, customs forms, resident cards, entry forms and such travel documents that we were having to provide at the various counters, and holding up the lines for those business travelers! Needless to say, we are a force to be reckoned with.

wed: all the highest priority items have been checked on the list: 1. Target 2. Haircut 3. Mexican food… This is my long-time hair stylist Heather Curl. Img_1761
She owns a salon called ‘Curl up and Dye” Img_1764
it’s at 7th Ave and Dunlap. It was so fun to see her today and catch up, and get blonde. Em went short! We always head out to the salon together as it is a bit of a trek.  For dinner, eric grabbed Mexican from a little place that is open 24 hours. The salsa and guac was fantastic.Img_1765
He even lovingly stopped by sonic on the way home and got everyone drinks!Img_1766

I am so proud of the kids, the jet lag does not seem to be causing the problems I was mentally prepared for! Such a blessing!Img_1767

i thought I should put up a cute, sweet photo of Capri to contrast her ‘game face’ photo… Capri_hat
my aunt KJ knit Capri and Connor each a cap w/ their name on it. I just love her curls. i took this in Beijing just before we left.
in any event, we are loving catching up.. .and re-connecting.
ok, tired… and lots on the ‘agenda’ tomorrow!
good night.

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