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supporting my brother Cam, and juvenile diabetes

supporting my brother Cam, and juvenile diabetes

Some might call me a fanatic.

I scrapbook a lot. I stay up stupidly late being creative,
and playing with scissors and glue. I have a whole room in my house that is
devoted to my hobby/obsession. When I’m not scrapbooking, I am thinking about
scrapbooking! And when I am doing what will become a memory, I am already
contemplating how I am going to capture and document that memory. Lately, I
have been wondering if it’s a rare form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder),
only because I am certain that my brother FOR SURE has OCD that is manifesting
itself in his Running (and, chuckle, in his garage).


Meet my gorgeous SIL LaRane and my brother Cameron… he is insane.

TOMORROW, my brother Cameron, is attempting to run the
‘Wasatch 100’…

This race is 100 miles along the tippy tops of the mountains
here  along the Wasatch Front. It’s


Here is a peek at the first 18 miles… just 4500ft elevation gain before 9am!

And if you can for a sec-
imagine what the training runs have to be. We joke w/ him  and ask, “did you run 30 miles today,
or 50? Or what?”.  Can you even
imagine being able to just take off on a 45 mile training run?  As you can guess- he’s been running and
preparing for this for a long time. He got into the race by lottery (you CE’ers
can appreciate that)… last January, and has been not only physically, but
mentally training. He has print outs and spreadsheets of each stage of the
race, and what he’ll need, eat, wear as well as who will be ‘pacing’ him.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be driving to
each crew check point, dropping off and picking up pacers and taking photos,
videos and encouraging all along the way. 
My aunt, my sister and Cam’s wife will all be joining him for portions
of the race… he’s hoping to finish in the neighborhood of 30 hours- give or
take a couple. No matter how long it takes him… I am SO incredibly proud of
him. Yes, I think he’s CRAZY, but this is one of those “once in a lifetime”
experiences, and I am so happy to experience it with him (and not be actually
running it!) lol.


I read his blog today, and was very touched- he has decided
to dedicate his efforts tomorrow, and the following 30 hours to the cause of
Juvenile Diabetes.  We have a 19
year old cousin that was diagnosed with this disease at a very young age… it
was something that scared everyone, and of course is a life-changing situation
for their entire family, for the rest of their life. My cousin Zach has always
had the best attitude… nothing slowed him down- what an example he has been to
all of us! Cam has asked his friends and family… if he finishes this race,
would they be willing to make a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation…
even just $5!

Tomorrow, I will be sharing Cameron’s journey with you on my
blog, and on twitter and facebook etc… mostly so that my folks in Fiji can feel
like they are right here with us, cheering Cam all the way! I thought that
maybe I’d extend this invitation to my blog readers as well!  There are SO many worthy causes to
give… but this one hit especially close to home!

SO… keep a little prayer for Cam… and for those effected by
this disease! And check back tomorrow to see how it goes!

GOOD LUCK CAMERON!! I may think you are NUTS, but I love you
and I am proud of YOU! sleep well tonight!!

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