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Sydney Mistified…..

Sydney Mistified…..

we had SUCH a fantastic day today- great venue, wonderful lunch and awesome friends to create with! the room was full of such a great group of women! we really had a good time. it's a FULL day of classes, and it's tough to have that much fun!


here is a look at the girls after 2 full glimmery classes!

not sure if these girls really know how lucky they are to have access to all this NEW product!! we were using Chalkboard, Glimmer glaze and glam.. and all my new products. so fun to play- did i mention, 8am classes tomorrow morning? wow. i need to get to bed!
had a little mexican for dinner-tasted fab!!great reward! but we still saved room for dessert:

i have blown my diet in epic proportions. i am going to have to start exercising- crazy! LOL this was stunningly delicious! GOOD NIGHT!!

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