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Care Free Flat Mail by Jamie Pate

It’s Mail Day with Care Free

You've Got Mail     Don't you love those words? Most especially when it's not a bill or an advertisement for the hair cutters? I'm just saying, we all still love mail so much. But what about mail with pockets and tags and spaces to hold stuff? This is what...

National Scrapbook Day with Heidi Swapp Sun Chaser | The Power of a Photo

Let’s Never Forget: The Power of a Photograph

Hello, National Scrapbook Day 2022     It's the most wonderful time of the year. National Scrapbook Day. Well. It's actually on Saturday. But I have been celebrating all week. One cannot celebrate this creativity to much, I say. This point of this post today is to bring to...

A Heidi Swapp Care Free Love Story by Jamie Pate

A Care Free Love Story

A Valentines Day Love Story   These are my parents. Jim & Jackie. I was sitting in our local hospital very recently. My mom was receiving her second blood transfusion in ten days. You see, my Mom is fighting an aggressive form of Leukemia. And while one just...

Heidi Swapp Giving Tuesday Tags and & by Jamie Pate

Giving Tuesday Tags & Love

It's one of the best days of the year. A day to give back. Giving Tuesday is next week.     Something I believe we paper crafters are known for is giving to others. We make gifts. We make cards. We made home decor. And we give it...

Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Gratitude Book

Can You Have Too Many Grateful Journals

Can you have too many journals?     The answer to that, friends, is unequivocally no. I read this on a blog recently: "You can choose to have one journal for everything, multiple journals for many things, themed journals, big journals, small journals, handmade journals, drawing journals, it's totally up...