Heidi Swapp | Letterboard
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Heidi Swapp Letterboard Positive Messages by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Letterboard | Positive Messages

"Positive emotion trump negative emotion every time." This quote from the movie Inception holds much truth. If you are or have been the parent of teenagers, you know how true this can be. And while we can't nor ever will be able to change people's...

Letterboard entry way inspiration by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Saint Patrick’s Day Letterboard

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! This week is the launch of the newest Heidi Swapp collection in home and party decor - Letterboard! The Letterboard can be so fun and inspirational! I have been waiting to get the large sized one to create a simple entry...

Heidi Swapp Letterboard Style by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Letterboard is here!

Being very visual, I love all the ways we can put our words up pretty and styled using all things Heidi Swapp. And now, Letterboard! Truly a fun way to put those positive images right there before our eyeballs. Because I don't know about you,...