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Care Free Flat Mail by Jamie Pate

It’s Mail Day with Care Free

You've Got Mail     Don't you love those words? Most especially when it's not a bill or an advertisement for the hair cutters? I'm just saying, we all still love mail so much. But what about mail with pockets and tags and spaces to hold stuff? This is what...

Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Gratitude Book

Can You Have Too Many Grateful Journals

Can you have too many journals?     The answer to that, friends, is unequivocally no. I read this on a blog recently: "You can choose to have one journal for everything, multiple journals for many things, themed journals, big journals, small journals, handmade journals, drawing journals, it's totally up...


carefree halloween mini

It is almost the big day! October 31, and I wanted a way to celebrate some past Halloween celebrations as part of my home decor. I decided to make a little Mini album, to place on my table alongside some of my Halloween decor and...

My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp

My Top Five for 2020

Over the course of time the Heidi Swapp Media Team posts assignments here on this blog to support product ideas, holiday celebrations, and mostly, story telling ambitions. To share some insider information, each of the three team members create six posts a month. Some of...