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How To Love Your Patterned Paper Scraps by Jamie Pate

How To Love Your Patterned Paper Scraps

      Inspired by hearts and heart cuts outs, think making those hand cut Valentines back in elementary, a layout was in the works. Here's what I did: I simply went through my collections of Heidi Swapp Pattern Paper. This included Storyline patterns, and Art Walk patterns...

Heidi Swapp Storyline

Valentines Day + Storyline

With Valentines Day just around the corner I want to share a quick and easy way to get some of those memories of a Loved one down in your scrapbooks! It is easy with 2 simple techniques!! 1 Using the Storyline collection (and in particular the...

Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday Valentines Day Flowers by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Minc It Monday | Valentines Flower

What I love about Valentines beginning to make it's appearance is all the soft colors that come back into our view. Here we are (well, some of us anyway) sitting in our cozy homes looking out to grey and white snowy landscapes. Wishing for color....