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'tags that tuck!' (new 'Create to Remember')

'tags that tuck!' (new 'Create to Remember')

It’s already Wednesday!? It’s such a busy week playing catch up from being away last week! SO MUCH TO DO! I am really excited…this weekend I get to go and teach classes in Bakersfield, California this weekend at a store called Simply Scrapbooks. I’ll be teaching 4 classes Friday and Saturday – I believe there are a few spots left, so if you are anywhere NEAR there… COME and play! It’s going to be so much fun! Click here to link their store, or HERE to see the classes I am teaching.

i am especially excited about this class.. it would make a FABULOUS Christmas gift… 

It’s Wednesday, which means that there is a new “Create to Remember” show, and today’s show is some little cardmaking tricks… great for this time of year! (have you started thinking about your Holiday Cards?)  I have been trying to brainstorm ideas for mine… but I love this concept, and I think this is a fun way to make a simple card a little extraordinary!  I call it, “cards that tuck”… you can watch the whole episode here.

I use the Color Magic Notes… also the Vintage Chic notes would be perfect for this as well!  I made 3 quick little ‘cards that tuck’… these are MUST SEE! You will love them!

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