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take a peek inside!

take a peek inside!

ok, not sure if i can really re-cap this year's Creative Escape.  first of all… i had every intention of getting great photo, and being able to really document this year's happenings because this would be my first time not teaching all day friday and sat.  and yet STILL, as i have every other year- i am totally underwhelmed with myself and my ability to take any photos. and quite frankly, the photos i did take… not great.  but i did grab a few and despite the fact that they are less than stellar, here you go! they will still help me share some of my thoughts!


this year's theme was "Worth Remebering", and i do want to thank all the teachers for really jumping in on the theme, and i love how they all tied right into it with their projects!  So, to go along with the theme; we wanted to capture a little of the nostalgia from Doug's era (wink)… there were a number of attendees that were dressed up SOO cute in poodle skirts, high pony tails, and even wing tip shoes.. the perfect addition to the feel of the decor, Mr. Bazzill happily volunteered his newly restored 'T-bird'… it's GOREGEOUS! you should have seen the group that was getting the car right into the lobby of the ballroom in the hotel! shining that baby up for all the photo opps! incredible!  and there was a juke box playing out in the hallway the whole time w/ music from the 50's… every time i walked down the hall- without fail- there were people dancing, and even just kinda bopping as they walked through the lobby area. 

we mixed things up quite a bit the first day- thurs- so it was totally different than ever before- this year a "Bazaar" took the place of Technique Boutique, and we invited several manufacturers to come and show off their cool stuff- do make n takes, give tutorials and ideas etc. everyone seemed to really enjoy it! during those hours, the teachers were also holding a 'trunk show' which is when they set up a table to share their cool stuff that they have made over the years. it's always one of my very favorite parts of the whole event. you can visit- no pressure- and i just LOVE seeing people's creatings in REAL life, and not just on the computer. this was the first year that i didn't have to show at the trunk show, so that was a relief! while they were showing off, and people were floating through the tables and displays in the Bazzaar, i was teaching my 'yudu' workshop.   everyone had a scheduled time to cycle through my class- where we made a flower pin thanks to Imaginesce, and screen print on aprons compliments of JessicaSprague.com. i am A HUGE yudu (Provo Craft's screen printing machine), and so i was SO delighted that they would sponsor my class. we had to make some adjustments to the logistics of how the class was working, to allow for a bit more 'dry time' . but it all worked, and i loved sharing my LOVE of the YUDU with everyone! it was so much fun!! and so great to get some low-pressure face time with everyone on the first day!

Apron anyway… really, deep-deep down, i wanted to do a 'GLITTER' screen printing project, but truth be told, that there were just too many people to do the glitter with (we did glitter the first year! remember that?); SOO, i just wanted to make a display, and that is what the t-shirts were for. they were SOO cute! and i love mine!

NOTE: if you came home with one of those t-shirts, or you were a lucky winner of a Yudu, just so you know, be sure that you iron for 3 minutes before any washing. and the washing should be inside out, and hung to dry!

ok, i am too tired, and bordering on delerious at the moment, so i will continue tomorrow!!


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