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take an instagram & say 'cheese!'

take an instagram & say 'cheese!'

today’s project marks the end of this installment of ‘insta-spiration’ by my fabulous Heidi Swapp Media Team… and with this project, we punctuate the event with a exclamation point!  We have seen a whole range of amazing ideas and projects to try…  everything from insta-albums… insta-layouts… insta-albums ON layouts… and insta-layouts in a stand… but would you have even BEGUN to think an insta-cheesegrater??  it wasn’t really on my radar, but THAT my friends is why i got me a media team! because they are AWESOME!!! aren’t they!? can i get a oooh YEA!? for sure…

this is clever and fun at it’s finest, and will make your re-purposed-day! Jennifer Evans has taken Kim’s magnet idea… and raised her one vintage chic note card! take a look! and ‘look’ at everything in a whole new way!! and whatever you see… add some ‘insta’-fabulous!

jennifer evans’ instagram fun

It took me weeks to decide what to create for this Instagram challenge. I just couldn’t decide on one thing! I love altered projects and I love the freedom to create them even more! This project is as altered as you can get!

I sent my sister an email about two months ago telling her to keep her eye out for cheese graters while she visited local thrift stores. I was inspired by a flea market magazine to create a pencil holder out of one. She called me the next day saying she found a small one for me and it was only $1!

So, there it sat until this week when I finally was pushed outside my comfort zone to create with kitchen utensils. As I started working, I realized how fun this really was! The cheese grater attracts magnets which was perfect for my project (and why it was probably only $1)!

I started gluing on my Vintage Chic Note Card with a strong adhesive. I used Helmar’s 450 Quick Dry because I know it works well with paper to metal and it dries in minutes. Then, I glued my other layers after I was done with the next step.

I love taking photos with my phone. It is probably because my everyday camera weighs 10 pounds. I can’t just throw that bad boy into my purse and go! I have been taking Instagram photos, downloading them to my computer, resizing them with Photoshop, and printing them at my local printers.

To make this interchangeable frame, I glued the bottom edge of the Mini Instaframe closed and cut the top open, that way I can unclip the frame and slip in a new photo when I want. This photo is of my twin sister and my brother-in-law.

I found this 7″x5″ Oak Bracket in the hardware store. I am not a carpenter and I get lost in the hardware store! I just wandered around until I found what I wanted. If you asked me where it was I would tell you in the isle where the stair railings are. 😉 I spray painted it white and then added paper, matching the stripes as I went, to cover the pre-drilled screw holes.

To attach the grater to the bracket I used glue. Yes, you read that right. I used eight globs (that is professional terminology) of Helmar’s Silicone Adhesive Sealant. Then, I propped it up with books so that it could lay flat to dry.

This is by far the most fun I have had with my Instagram photos and I hope it inspires you to think outside the box (or grater) when using your phone photos!

thanks JEN!! i say ‘CHEESE!’… makes me happy today!

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