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taking a minute…to relax, enjoy

taking a minute…to relax, enjoy

Just got out of the bath, and the air smells so good from the bubble bath, and I am cozy-ed up in my most comfy pj’s. Today I spent the majority of the day at the studios for My Craft Channel filming yet another 7 episodes for future enjoyment!! I am SO excited about the projects and ideas that I will be sharing coming up!!  Here is a little preview—it’s SO much fun to prepare for these segments! It really pushes the envelope on my creativity!  i put my 'cinch' to some serious work this go-around!


Tonight, I finally have all the “big” projects that have been hanging over my head- behind me!  I have this amazing feeling of relief and accomplishment! It’s been a crazy few months, and finally today, I feel like there is this space in my brain that I can actually THINK!  I tell you what- I wish I could either bottle or frame this feeling so i never forget; so that I could draw from it in the future! I know that this feeling won’t last long, but I am totally relishing the feeling! 

Of course- I have a whole list of  “want to dos”  and I hope I can get to some of those little projects- and I even hope to get in a work out and make a meal! Going to get some rest!

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