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SO… of course, last minute decision to create T-shirts to support Cameron as he cruises along!!! i have been out of emulsion for the Yudu, so the t-shirt creating has been in short supply! so… my SIL LaRane, went to Michaels and JoAnn's and used her 40% off coupon at both places to score emulsion for 1/2 price!! YAY!
i put together some art for the shirts, and as i type, i am waiting for the emulsion to dry onto the screen..
want to see the elements??

this is for the front right pocket i think- or i did a big one for the back as well.. Cam is #181


this is for the back or on the sides… we call him CAM DOG… so this is the typical forrest gump reference!


and this is for our dad… Dad is a cyclist, and loves LONG rides… he even rode all the way across the US a few years ago… anyway. (see i told you there was some fanatical blood in the family)… he would tell himself "i have nothing else to do today"… so that is our message when we are doing something HARD:

i'll update w/ images of the actual t-shirts!!!! so fun…

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