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tell your stories with photo journals!

tell your stories with photo journals!

one of my favorite places to go is NYC! the coolest thing about NYC is that it’s the same, and completely different every time! almost a year ago we planned a “girls trip” with my mom and sisters, and also invited my oldest daughter, Quincy. We only had 3 days, so we had to make the most of the time we had!


i decided to use one of my new “photo journals” to document the trip in a really “story focused” way. i designed this style of photo album to make it SO easy to capture and document the details surrounding a particular photo/moment. this is such a non-intimidating way to get the information down on paper!


there are 3 styles. the only difference is the look of the cover. each has 25 pages inside with a 4×4 square opening on the left, and lines for the story on the right. each page is actually a pocket – so all you have to do is slip the photo inside the page – and you are ready to write!


the book comes with a set of stickers to get you started… but i also used elements from the different embellishment kits (you can see them all here). that made it so much fun to spice up the very basic pages.


this time i included stamps in the kits – adding a bit of stamping is an easy way to create visual  interest and also use through out the book to tie it all together! these are from the “travel” kit.


you can keep these pages as simple or fun and crazy as you like! i had fun just adding little bits of washi tape, glitter alphabets and using the stamps and metallic pens. this is one of the great things about picking up the embellishment kit – you have lots of options and it’s all together in one place!


i love adding the tabs to give it some fun interest on the edges of the pages…


you can see that sometimes i even added multiple photos to the same page- even outside that little photo pocket! so, as always… NO RULES! just have fun telling & capturing these memories!


the spine has been specially designed to have room to add photos and embellishments – this photo purposely is fanned out a bit to showcase all of the fun layers, but the book actually closes! even when i added in tags and pockets!


it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with memory keeping! we all share both a desire, and that sense of responsibility when it comes to taking the photos, and documenting those moments! but then LIFE GETS IN THE WAY! it’s like everything else that we KNOW is super important, but just another thing on the ever growing to-do list! i hope that these little photo journals will be a solution for quick stories, favorite photos and memories that you never want to forget!

25 photos. you got this!

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