Heidi Swapp | Tell Your Story on a Scrapbook Page
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Heidi Swapp Storyline

Tell Your Story on a Scrapbook Page

Storyline is an aptly named collection for this simplified way to #tellyourstory. If you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not notice that I use that hashtag quite often. Telling my story has been a life long ambition starting back in the day after my first read of The Diary Of Anne Frank. As a very young girl I started then and there to write my story down every day in my own little Hallmark diary complete with brass lock and key. All the secrets had to be kept just that…secret.


Heidi Swapp Storyline


Fast forward many decades later, and she is still telling her story. Yes. I do still keep a daily journal of my thoughts. No lock and key needed. But I also pour myself into my photo albums and the stories found on those photos. To say my collection of albums and mini albums and all the photo books in my collection is a treasure to me would be an understatement. For these pages of paper and pretty things hold so much evidence of my life. Of my people’s lives. Of friends and events and adventures. This past time is a worth-while venture for anyone who embarks on the activity of taking photos, printing photos, and then writing the story of said photos.

Storyline is just one of many ways I create these pages. I simply choose an album (seen here 8.5×11-inch Heart Eyes Album), a Sticker Kit (like the Floral Journal Kit used here), and add in a few of the Deck of Days (using Travel Deck of Days Kit on this page). And then I am sure to jot down a tome of journaling, or just a few sentences that reflect the memory found on the page.


Heidi Swapp Storyline


I journal because I don’t want to forget. While it requires great determination to craft these pages in a timely manner, and not get too behind in the task, I am often found journaling thoughts in what I call a jotter. I refer to these notes very often when I am at a place where I can actually make a page. The journaling is key for me. Writing the story, whether in my own hand or typewriter or from a computer app, is the crowning touch of a page of photo and embellishments. Sometimes it’s hidden. Sometimes it’s on another page. And sometimes it is front and center and part of the triune that is a scrapbook page: photo + words + pretty stuff.


Heidi Swapp Storyline create a scrapbook page by Jamie Pate for @heidiswapp


Heidi Swapp Storyline


I tell my story for many reasons. One reason is compulsion. I am simply compelled from within to get these stories down on paper. They are my history. Historians write history so that we may know and consider and ponder the past. I am my own historian. If I don’t write it, who will.

The second reason I tell my story is for the creative factor. I just love paper and all the papery things. This started long ago to when paper by the pound was all the trend at one’s stationary store in the mall. I love to craft sketches. To be inspired by other peoples way of telling stories. I love photography. I love capturing an event, a candid moment, or the yearly photo shoot. I just love telling my story in this medium.

The third reason I tell my story is that I hope one day my children, or their children, will be in possession of one of the many albums I made. I hope they will sit and read the stories. I hope they will cherish lives lived before them. The good. The bad. And even the struggle. These are a few reasons I tell my story.


Heidi Swapp Storyline


May I encourage you to capture the who, what, and the why of your life. Of your vacation. Or your life event. Of your every day. And if you need a place to start: choose an album, sticker kit, and a Deck of Days, and tell your story.


SUPPLIES | Heidi Swapp Storyline Collection is available at JoAnn Stores: Heart Eyes 8.5×11-inch D-ring Album, Floral Journal Kit, Travel Deck Of Days Kit.