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thank heaven for mondays!

thank heaven for mondays!

i had such an awesome monday-i had a list, and i completed it. and most of it was done by 12:30pm! i guess there is something to be said for an early wake up! (which you know i am not a fan of!) …i got all the laundry done, bathrooms cleaned and even mopped the floors…just in time for the dog to go outside in the snowy/muddy backyard and come in and walk all over. chuckle. so TYPICAL! today Q and Cory went back to school after their 3 week "off track"… so i even had 2 hours to myself while the littles were at schooL! it was a great day. a great monday! 

i have been thinking about why i love mondays so much – and i can honestly say that i am so thankful for SUNDAY!  i really love attending my church meetings, and having all those reminders about what is most important and truly being inspired for my new week. this week in Sunday School we were studying the Sermon on the Mount, and there is just so much power in reading the Savior's words… i think that being spiritually fed on a Sunday just really energizes me! 

we have an after-church tradition… and it has existed since my childhood… and it involves 2 things:  1. nachos and 2. chocolate chip cookies. i am pretty sure i share it with my siblings!

i snapped a few photos yesterday- in the midst of our lazy after-church mode…  Sunday
when i make cookies… i HATE it when people eat the dough. i know that is kinda silly- because cookie dough could be argueably just as delicious as the actual cookies themselves! however, the stealing of the dough, is just not ok! it means less cookies!! so, every sunday- it's like this huge battle as the kids  try to steal cookie dough. sometimes i try to hide it, or put it up high… but usually, i just have to get my 'hired thug'…ERIC to guard the cookie dough! (payable in cookie dough)… so above you see some of the efforts he is making in effort to prevent the cookie dough stealing efforts! as you can see… we take it very seriously! 


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