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thanks. and happy new year!!

thanks. and happy new year!!

i think that we are pretty much all packed up… we have an early flight from Brisbane to Sydney and then onto Beijing. it’s going to be a long day… i have to thank Chanel and her wonderful husband Gary and their sweet girls: Gianna, Emra and Katya for taking such great care of us while we were here… we had a great time together- it’s been an amazing, fabulous vacation! great, great memories. i have been working on my ‘resolutions’, and evaluating my old ones.. i really do love a fresh start! one of my resolutions is just to spend more time being ‘creative’… non-pressured, fun… time for ME, just creating! that makes me happy and gives me energy; and motivates and inspires me. so why don’t i do it more? it needs to be part of my day- even on days that are cram-packed. anyway.. so now you know! that is one of my resolutions! about a week ago, i found some quiet time during naps and just made a bunch of thank you cards. it made me just happy to create… and i do like having a ‘reason’ (beyond just a sample deadline)… i decided that i would share these cards and some tips and instructions here on my blog, in case anyone else made ‘creative time’ resolutions.  i made these from stuff that we combined into a kit to sell from some extra product after create ’08- if you are interested in purchasing the kit, you can see the info on the Create ’08 blog! otherwise, maybe just pull some of this stuff out of your stash and get ‘creating’…

Tips for thank you cards
1.    keep them quick… you can never have enough ‘thank you’ stamps!
2.    take a photo for your reference… it’s nice to have a memory of what you did, you never know when you need to replicate something you already made.
3.    use scraps to create the cards
4.    make funky envelopes to send in
5.    actually mail it…. PLEASE be better than I am at this…


1.    ce’st la vie: this card really features the fun that you can have with silhouettes to create ‘floating’ objects. I love how the silhouettes are so light, but still rigid enough to hold their shape even when not supported by a backing.  I like to use ‘glossy accents’ by Ranger to adhere the silhouettes. Some silhouettes come self-adhesive, and some are not- included in this kit, they are not self-adhesive.
a.    supplies:
i.    white cardstock
ii.    shapes silhouettes
iii.    ce’st la vie silhouette word
iv.    pink bling crown
v.    3 glossy hearts
vi.    pink damask sticker
vii.    round pink chandalier crystal

1.    cut 6×12 from white Bazzill cardstock
2.    gate fold- so that left side overlaps right side by about 2”
3.    before removing pink damask sticker from backer, sand to distress. cut directly in half, using a trimmer, and remove ½ of the sticker and place it along left edge of the left flap on front of the card
4.    place other ½  of the sticker along the left edge of the right flap
5.    adhere the rectangular silhouette shape behind the left flap with a little more than ½ of the rectangle hanging off the edge.
6.    Adhere the medium size circle silhouette just below the rectangle, allowing ½ to hang over the edge.
7.    Remove the ‘cest la vie’ and adhere under the circle, allowing about ½ of each word to hang off the edge.
8.    Adhere the small square silhoutte shape in the bottom right corner of right flap
9.    Place glossy hearts (of your choice) on the rectangle, and circle. (the glossy hearts are self-adhesive, you can add just a bit of adhesive to be safe if you wish.
10.     Place an additional glossy heart behind the heart on the rectangle that hangs over the edge, so that it looks nice from the inside.
11.    Add a bling crown on the top of the top heart.
12.    Adhere a round chandelier crystal using glossy accents, with the flat side down. (alternatively, you could hand stitch the jewel on with white thread.



2.    GASP card: here is a QUICK one that will also show off the fun you can have with silhouettes-this one shows them hanging off the top.
a.    Supplies:
i.    “gasp’ silhouette
ii.    dot oval and dot rectangle silhouette
iii.    white cardstock
iv.    paper of your choice- I the backside of my bird and branch paper- black and white hounds. You know how love black and pink

1.    cut a 2 ½ x 6” strip of white Bazzill Cardstock
2.    adhere the dot oval silhouette behind the ‘g’ of gasp
3.    adhere the dot rectangle behind the ‘p’ of gasp
4.    adhere it all so that it hangs about 1/2” off the top
5.    cut a piece of paper (your choice) 7”x6”. Fold the 7” side in ½ so that you have a card that is 3 ½ x 6”.
6.    Adhere the strip of white cardstock about 1/8” down from the top fold
7.    Write “guess what” with black pen
8.    Stamp the word ‘thank you’ on the inside of the card using black ink and shadow with a platinum pen, and adhere a chipboard clock.
9.    I wrote: ‘I had the best time’

3.    Heart and wings Thank you:  This card really features the 3-D capabilities of the ghost wings and the fun dangling of the chandalier crystals
a.    Supplies:
i.    White cardstock
ii.    Red glossy heart
iii.    2 ghost wings
iv.    1 tear drop chandelier crystal and jump ring
v.    thank you stamp and black ink
vi.    shadow pen

1.    cut a 8”x4” piece of white bazzill cardstock fold in half, with the fold at the top
2.    Stamp ‘thank you’ with black ink, centered vertically, and a little above center horizontally
3.    Using a paper piercer  poke a hole at the bottom of the heart, about 1/8” in.
4.    Attach tear drop shaped crystal using jump ring to the glossy heart
5.    Bend the wings about ¼” in from the middle, so they stick out off the page
6.     Adhere wings to the back of the heart
7.    glue heart to the front of the card under the ‘thank you’

4.    Chuckle: this is perfect for someone or something that just makes you laugh. I think it’s good to remember that stuff!
a.    Supplies:
i.    Patterned paper of your choice; I used the houndstooth again- helps to have white on the inside for your message
ii.    Chuckle silhouette
iii.    Medium circle sihouette
iv.    Thank you stamp
v.    Glossy heart

1.    cut paper to 6×6 and fold  so that the front exposes 1” of  inside.
2.    Adhere the circle silhouette on the right side, and place a pink glossy heart inside
3.    Stamp ‘thank you’ to the left of the heart; I added
4.    Adhere the ‘chuckle’ so that it is just barely hanging off.
5.    I added ‘that made my day’ 

a.    Supplies:
i.    White bazzill cardstock
ii.    Large chipboard clock
iii.    Glossy chipboard heart
iv.    Thank you stamp
v.    Ghost wing
vi.    Pattern paper of your choice (I used hounds tooth)
vii.    Circle cutter

1.    Cut bazzill cardstock to 4”x12” and fold in ½
2.    Set circle cutter to 2 1/2” and cut a circle from the right edge of the front of the card, allowing the circle to come off the edge about ½”.
3.    Stamp “thank you”  in steps- first ink the ‘thank’ and stamp close to the top of the fold, and then ink the ‘you’ and stamp just below the ‘thank’- shadow using a zig platinum writer.
4.    Cut a 2×6 piece of pattern paper, and fold in half lengthwise. Adhere the  piece around the left edge of the front of the card.
5.    Adhere the chipboard clock onto the inside of the card, so it is centered in the circle cut from the front, and so it hangs off the right edge just a little.
6.    Position and adhere a glossy heart in the middle of the clock.
7.    I added an additional chipboard clock on the inside and the note read ‘thank you for the gift of your time’… (sometimes it’s the most valuable thing we can both give and receive).

6.    Earring Card: I named this because the dangly reminds me of an earring, and I in fact got some cool earrings for Christmas, and this card is going to Eric to thank him for those!
a.    Supplies:
i.    White Bazzill Cardstock
ii.    Pattern paper (I used more heidi hounds)
iii.    Thank you stamp
iv.    Black ink
v.    Chipboard hearts (2)
vi.    Medium square and large oval silhouettes
vii.    ‘grin’ silhouette word
viii.    chandelier crystal, jump ring
ix.    small ghost wing
x.  Teardrop chadelier crystal

how to:
1.    cut bazzill white cardstock to 10”x6”
2.    fold so that the inside is 6” and outside flap is 4” (2” of the inside is exposed)
3.    cut a ½”x6” strip of patterned (houndstooth) paper, and adhere on the inside, just along where the front lines up with the back-so it is exposed to the front of the card.
4.    Stamp ‘thank you’ on the bottom edge of the right side of the front of the card.
5.    Adhere the square silhouette to the back of the front flap, so that ¼” is hanging down
6.    Using a paper piercer, pierce a hole for the jump ring in the silhoutte… and in the edge of the ghost wing.
7.    Place a teardrop crystal and ghost wing on a jump ring and attach through the hole in the silhouette square.
8.    Stick a red chipboard heart above the ‘thank you’ and place a pink skinny heart on top of the red one.
9.    On the inside of the card, adhere the large oval off centered, and adhere the ‘grin’ on top of the oval.

7.    Dangle Damask card: speaking of earrings.. here is another dangly one!
a.    Supplies:
i.    White bazzill cardstock
ii.    Pattern paper of your choice- I went with some heidi hearts.
iii.    Black damask sticker
iv.    Thank you card
v.    Chipboard heart
vi.    Teardrop chandelier crystal/jump ring

1.    cut a 7×10” bazzill cardstock and fold with the crease on the left edge, so that the card exposes ¼” of the pattern paper that is adhered to the inside of the card.
2.    Cut a piece of patterned paper of your choice for the inside of the card: 5 ¼”x7”
3.    Before removing the  sticker from the backer, sand the black damask sticker to distress
4.    Cut the damask sticker  so that the middle is removed.
5.    Stamp ‘thank you’ as you wish on the front of the card
6.    On the bottom portion of the sticker, using a paper pierecer, pierce a hole at the bottom of the sticker for the jumpring to go through
7.    Attach a teardrop crystal with a jumpring through the small hole, and place it under the ‘thank you’
8.    Place the top off cut above the ‘thank you’
9.    Adhere 2 glossy hearts one on top of the other to create a double thickness of hearts.

8.    ooh la la: I love how this turned out!
a.    supplies:
i.    bazzill white cardstock
ii.    ooh la la silhouette word
iii.    pink damask sticker
iv.    random crown embellishment, or stamp
v.    thank you stamp

1.    cut a 6×11” of white bazzill cardstock
2.    view the tutorial on my website (www.heidiswapp.com) for the ‘quick cards’ in the projects  to-go section of my website. Here you can download a template for this heart card, or freehand your own heart design.
3.    Once you have the heart cut with a paper knife and cutting mat, adhere the heart to the inside of the card.
4.    Sand to distress the pink damask sticker, and attach so that less than ½ of is is hanging off the left edge of the sticker.
5.    Adhere the 3 different sections of the ‘ooh la la’ inside the heart so that they hang off the heart opening.
6.    Adhere the crown by the top edge so that it dangles down, also coming off the opening of the heart.
7.    On the inside, stamp the word ‘thank you’ in the bottom right, again in 2 stages, first stamping the ‘thank’ by inking only the ‘thank’ and using the clear shield to only stamp the ‘thank’. And then ink the ‘you’ and stamp below the ‘thank’.

9.    quick one: here is for the press-for-time-but-no-way-would-ever-buy-a-store-bought-card card
a.    supplies:
i.    white bazzill cardstock
ii.    pink damask sticker
iii.    small silhouette rectangle
iv.    chipboard heart
v.    thank you stamp
vi.    chipboard heart
vii.    silhouette dot square

1.    cut a 4”x8” piece of bazzill white cardstock
2.    fold in ½ with the crease at the top
3.    simply place the damask sticker centered on front of the card
4.    adhere small silhouette rectangle in bottom right corner, hanging off the edge as a clear tab, by about ¼”.
5.    Adhere a skinny red  heart over silhouette in bottom right corner
6.    Stamp ‘thank you’ in black ink on the inside and adhere the dot square over the ‘you’

Here are just a few tips and tricks that may be of interest:
Damask Sticker: these are some of my favorite items, I just love the look-no matter how many time I use them. They are hard to find because them come on a roll, so this kit is lucky! I like to use them disressed as well as crisp. To distress, leave on the sheet, and take a piece of my heidi swapp sand paper to the front as much or little as you wish. Wipe off the ‘dust’ and then peel to place on your project. If I am going to cut the sticker- I almost never use the whole sticker straight on, I like it in pieces…. Try cutting the sticker to the desired size on your trimmer while it’s still on the backer, makes it easier to get the size and portion you wish to use, while storing the rest on the backer still. This same image is also available in a stamp- you can substitue that stamp in as needed. mask off the portion of the stamp you don’t wish you have show up on your project by using the clear backer pieces included with the stamps when you buy them.

Silhouettes: I love using them on cards, cause they are great ‘interactive pieces’. non-self-adhesive silhouettes are easy to just stick on w/ glossy accents. I also use stamples, brads, sewing and eyelets to attach them on whatever surface I am working on. When using anything clear, be sure to check out the backside of your project, to make sure it looks pretty from the inside as well!

Jump rings: to add the crystals to whatever you are doing, you can adhere them w/ glue (I like glossy accents by Ranger), or you can hand stich them in the little holes they have drilled in them. Or you can use the enclosed jump rings. Please remember to simply move the rings forward and back-do not pull them apart.

Thank you cards: I love to make thank you cards to get myself out of a creative slump! There are always people that you need to thank for something, and having them onhand is awesome when someone takes care of something for you! I like to keep all my scraps from my scrapbooking process in a ‘scrap drawer’; this is the first place I go to reach for paper to make cards. I usually don’t worry too much about the actual SIZE of the card, I just fold over whatever I have and go from there! The above instructions are just a guideline so you can see what I did and compare with the photos as you create on your own! You might want to use an envelope you have on hand to choose the size card you make… or just make your own envelope! I like to use my sewing machine and acetate sheets to create clear-see-through pouches that I can mail. They can be any custom size, and make great impact for your recipient!  Sometimes I just put the card between two pieces of transperancy, paper or whatever I can find, and sew all for edges around the card. It will be too pretty to open! And it will make someone’s day. everyone loves to be thanked!

Shadow pen: I LOVE the zig Platinum writer pen so much. (EK success) I use it to shadow everything-I use it after I stamp, write and even do rub-ons. It’s an easy way to really add ‘pop’ to your projects. Just run the ‘thick’ end of the pen tip along the left edges of the letters.

happy new year!

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