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thanks giving…

thanks giving…


(quote can be found HERE at House of 3.com as a pdf printable…)

I am taking a queue from my little sis, and couting down to
Thanksgiving with the things that I am grateful for…

As I have been teaching my ‘energy journal’ class, one of
the things that we talk about is the power in feeling gratitude, and that it’s
a bit of ‘free energy’… you don’t have to do anything other than acknowledge
the things you are thankful for, and allow yourself to FEEL that gratitude, and
fill you with good, positive energy to help you plow through your day.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I am in no way going
to attempt to note them ALL here, nor rank them in any kind of ascending or
descending order…just simply would like to share- so that I can look back and


TODAY, I was grateful for an amazingly, stunningly BEAUTIFUL
fall day… and all the childhood memories that I have that are tied to just such
days. It’s been so fun to come back to SLC, and drive through the streets and
shop in the stores and go to the places I grew up going. I had no idea the
influx of memories and feeling of comfort and belonging I would experience.
It’s pretty cool.

Today I was yet again thankful for a fresh start to a new
week. I have so much on my ‘hope to accomplish’ list…(that takes a backseat to
the ‘have to accomplish’ list). But thanks to Daylight Savings, my eyes popped
open at 6:30 and I felt rested, and ready for the day. now that doesn’t always

Of course, my gratitude for my little family goes without
saying… it’s quite a rarity for me to actually plunk down on the couch cause i
usually feel too guilty to stop… so when I do, it’s like a magnet for all my
kids to either sit on me, by me or fight over the spot next to me and cuddle
up. I am grateful that my kids want to be close to me, love to sit on my lap or
next to me (enough to fight over it…LOL). and thankful for a few minutes sitting still on the couch. and it's a comfy couch!

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