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thank you to ALL OF YOU that came to play along tonight at my 'heidi LIVE' webshow on Ustream!! it was so fun.
i am just learning how to really make this work… and i think it's just an AMAZING way for me to share my ideas and information with YOU! (and none of us have to TRAVEL anywhere!!).  As i mentioned in my webshow tonight… i will be hosting a LIVE webcast every WEDNESDAY evening at 7pm MST! i have all kinds of fun things, fun partnerships and fun co-hosts that will be joining me and my House of 3 girls!  so just you wait!  i am finalizing my first month of shows and will be posting the Titles and infos. it's going to be so fun, and so awesome!!

as promised, here are a few links that are needed:

1. www.mytatteredangels.com is the main Tattered Angels website.

2. you can purchase the "home for the holiday's" kit HERE

3. you can see more UP CLOSE photos of my project HERE; (click images to enlarge)

4. if you post a comment on the Tattered Angels blog you will be entered to WIN another of the Home for the Holiday's kits! so get over to the TA BLoG and comment!!

5. Great Glimmer mist colors: olive vine,   lime twist,  iridescent gold (amazing)tattered leather (this is a great DARK brown) … i could go on and on.

6. the CUTIE headband that Emily gave me for christmas…www.whippycake.com

SO, i think those were the promised links!  thanks for playing along everyone!
NEXT WEEK, we'll be kicking off our "simply amazing 2010" project and class. Watch for a few more details tomorrow… we had a little GLITCH come up in part of what we were putting together, so we are having to create a work-around, and it's actually going to be even MORE amazing than i thought! so i am excited!!

and, talk about EXCITED… Rhonna sent over all her VALENTINES DAY art today!! it's SUPER cute…along with a TON more silhouette shapes that i have already started cutting and went to town w/ my TURQUOISE BLUE glimmer mist… if you watch tonights recording, you'll get a little taste of it! i can't wait to show you MORE. yummy.yummy… but FIRST, i think we need to have some NEW YEAR celebrations!! i'll have a last minute project for you later…

happy, happy, happy NEW YEAR!!

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