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thanksgiving 2008

thanksgiving 2008

Thanksb2Thanksgiving was different this year as I thought about it from the perspective of ‘jessica sprauge’s’ storytelling class. I wanted this year’s thanksgiving to be something different, and memorable… something that would combine tradition, and at the same time, accommodate for the fact that we live a million miles away from home and family and everything that usually represents ‘thanksgiving’. What started out as just a couple families having thanksgiving dinner together,  morphed into an all-day 8 family progressive style thanksgiving celebration! We had appetizers at one house, the over-indulgent dinner with enough food to feed twice the crowd we had, at another.. and the final stop- 7 different desserts with movies and games!  What a fabulous day! talking and laughing…it was fun! The best part was of course, the food! (smile)… by that I mean, it was so fun as we all told the stories behind each dish that was so carefully prepared and lovingly contributed as ‘family favorites’.  Great grandma’s stuffing recipies… favorite can’t-live-without sides, and some perfectly cooked turkey. We were laughing at how if you hadn’t grown up with some of this stuff, it might sound pretty gross, really! And how many cubes of butter had been utilized in the whole day’s preparations. I realized that my contributions to the dinner was almost exactly ½ influence from my side of the family, and ½ from eric’s. I was on the phone the night before, with eric’s mom going over her DETAILED instructions of ‘funeral potatoes’. (always a huge hit!)  anyway.. it was a blast. And you have to love the next day- the left overs! Didn’t have to cook a thing today! I LOVE turkey sandwiches on rolls, and day-after ‘princess salad’. YUM. Will have to take some time to capture the different stories from my friends to include in my little memory book that I created.

Today was a mellow day. you would not believe how beautiful the weather has been here in Beijing. Everyday has been crystal clear, and while it’s been cold, and colder! The sky has been blue and we have been able to see stars at night! It’s been a major difference from just a year ago. Today I got a chance to work on my first assignment for my photography class. I will admit to you, this last week as I have read all my daily lessons, I have grown more and more dissatisfied with my photography. There is something that Karen said in one of her earliest lessons that was referring to the importance of ‘practicing’ your photography- she said something like… ‘if you wanted to be a concert violinist, you wouldn’t consider not practicing’… but the gist is that you have to pick up your camera A LOT if you want to become a better photographer.  I think that my (increased) personal uneasiness about my own photographic abilities is a credit to Karen’s teaching style and the content. I am realizing how much of a better job I can do, And WANT to do. My goal is not to become a professional photographer, but to capture beautiful memories… right now, I am feeling overwhelmed, and like I have a long way to go. Part of the first assignment was practicing with viewpoint. I had two opportunities today- the boys were engaged in a pretty serious Monopoly game when I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap-they were on the floor in the sun room, so I got my chance.
Then I got quincy to go outside with me. she is always a willing subject. I played with them a little in photoshop as well- as you can tell. It’s fun to see what you can do, and how it adds to the beauty of the photograph

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