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thanksgiving weekend…monday!

thanksgiving weekend…monday!

Happy Monday… I love Monday! I love how super-charged I feel after the weekend, and a restful Sunday and the beginning of a fresh new week. Not much is better than thanksgiving weekend, you know? Left overs to snack on every time you walk through the kitchen… friends and family around…special events and get togethers… Christmas shopping!! Good stuff! Saturday morning, we got up early and participated in Ellie Goldrup’s “Smilie fun run” (Ellie is the girl who was trying to become a torch bearer for the Beijing Olympics). The fun run was to raise money for a school for deaf kids here in china. Cory_ky
There was a 2K and a 5K Q_and_bec
and we all jumped on board! After the race, there was a ‘Turkey Bowl” flag football game at the international school of Beijing. I have never played in a turkey bowl flag football game but I thought it was a better alternative than sitting on the sidelines and freezing. So I ran around a bit, but I am afraid that I wasn’t benefiting my team much! We topped the day off with a little Christmas shopping at a market in the city… LOTS of fun stuff to buy here! It’s overwhelming, but so fuN! It’s a shopping experience like no other. It’s all about bartering and dickering. Pretty entertaining really. Sunday we went to church… it was the primary program. I love the primary program. There is a huge primary in our branch… around 80 kids or so. They all sang  the songs, played musical instruments and gave little talks that many of them wrote themselves, from their hearts. It was so touching. The theme is “I’ll follow Him in faith”, and they all talked about their faith in Jesus Christ. I love how kids have so much faith! The kids each illustrated the cover of the program…so each one had original artwork from a child ages ranging from 4-11. They were sooo cute. I loved seeing them all! Quincy’s said “no steeling” on the front (she is very opposed to robbers).  It was so touching. I think that children singing is just the most precious thing… I loved it. Church is a challenge with the little ones. Between Capri and Connor, neither Eric nor I get to sit and listen very much… but I still love going. I am so thankful that we can attend church here in china. Sunday evening we had another family over for dinner, and it’s just really fun to get to know new people, and learn about them. what better way than eating!? LOL. I bought this giant ham, and it’s going to take awhile to whittle it away! Today we did a little more shopping at the markets. I am trying to get some Christmas gifts ready to send home with Emily… she only has 2 more days, that time has FLOWN by. Hoping that we will get the JINBEI back this week! It’s hard not having a car.

I can’t believe it’s almost December. And 2008 (deep breath)… as the year is coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the past year, and also contemplate the future! As part of that, I am excited about a few different things that I have in the planning stages! I can’t share them all yet, but I am really excited. I have been invited to teach aboard the ‘Ultimate Cruise” produced by Jim West at Scrapmap. I will join a bunch of awesome teachers… including my friends Margie Romney-Aslett, Donna Downey,  and Teresa Collins and a few girls I haven’t worked with yet like Karen Russell, Nicole Gunter and Michelle Van Etten.  Sounds totally fab. The cruise is going to Grand Cayman, which I love- but seriously… who cares where it goes… it’s winter, in the carribean… better than freezing. (we’re talking 2009…which seems forever away, but holy cow, it will be here before we know it!)  and if you check out jim’s blog… he has let the cat out of the bag that we are putting together a tour here to China/Beijing for scrapbookers. We are working on dates… but I am so excited.  There are only 45 spots… more info to come.
Ok, how did it get to be 2:30 am??? 

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