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that's a wrap!

that's a wrap!

Oh my friends. Call your travel agent… book a trip …


(this is the view from my hotel room tonight)

Really, just like I was when we were in France, it’s a shock
how close everything is! I am a mere 2 hour drive from Rome right now. I mean,
I’d drive 2 hours to go to a MAC (makeup OR computer) store! Let alone ROME!  After the event ended, wendy and I
packed up as fast as we could and we changed hotels and went for a bit of a
walk about. We had no idea where we were going until we came upon that pink  church that I had photographed a couple
days ago! We had no idea we were back in the same place (how is that for
internal navigaion—eric, where are you when I need you?)!! SO I am blogging
from a very beautiful view of the Sea (well, it’s dark outside, so I can’t
really see the sea).



SO, just as a wrap up for the Paper and CO event:


Lory Bucaria
is a delight… she signs every one of her emails with “BIG KISSES” and I didn’t
know that she was serious!(i am bringing home her pink pants… i'll have to post a pic… she traded me for my yellow converse!!) Her team were the sweetest, hardest
working girls ever!  Can you
imagine trying to satisfy and attend to over 50 women speaking a total of
5 different languages?  That
is a little crazy!  if you click HERE you can check out the very talented instructors that were at the event. it was SO cool to see all the different projects, so different and inspiring. i was wishing that i was taking the classes, rather than teaching!


I feel
like I have new friends all over the globe, as well as meeting up with
some familiar faces!  I
genuinely appreciated those that I got a chance to really talk to and get
to know! And don’t think I am not going to take you all up on your offers
to let me come and stay in your homes when we  come and caravan across Europe!! (wink, wink)  i loved that so many had been watching the webshow and are total House of  3 lovers!  I also taught the House of 3 Countdown Kit as well as the "Once in a Lifetime" classes- – it's so great that i can share the House of 3 magic... and they can GO AND GET it alL!! and not wait for it to ship, or risk it being 'out of stock'… i guess we just need to translate the site of House of 3 and our blogs to Italian, French, Hebrew, Danish, Norwegian etc. etc.  (girls, lets get on that!)… lol  – we also gave every person a Heart kit… and they were SO excited! can't wait to see what you girls do with them!! (do show!)


FAVORITE part of the experience was to watch people that had NEVER touched
a bottle of glimmer mist start out their “Glimmer Mist 101” class timid as
church mice, and turn into these confident charismatic glimmer mist pros!!
It’s amazing to be in that class and watch how it inspires people! And they
just LOVE their inky fingers!




this is the binder and kit BEFORE you start! and you spray about 25 pages/techniques during the class- these were the colors included, and although there was no pink in the set, i got along!

and i have to admit, i was a little nervous about teaching an 'acutal' hands-on REAL life Glimmer mist class- it's easier on the web show!! LOL… but i loved it! it was SO fun to show people how to do amazing things!




Here are a few photos from our afternoon wandering… beautiful!
And tomorrow promises more amazing sights as we visit Pompeii and a few other
scenic vistas along this Italian coast! I think that I got a little sun on my
cheeks …mmm feels good! ..night!


(hot cocoa by the sea…perfecto!) -note the sleeper behind me!



and this last one is from the pizza place we ate at last night… don't think i have ever laughed as much as i did with you guys! thanks Kirsty, Jane, Stu, Celine , Edwidge, and Wendy- good laugh and good food! totally worth risking our lives to get there! (not to mention my sore calves today!)

**clearly these photos are not-edited… SOTC! –forgive! smile! more tomorrow?

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