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the abolitionists: please support

the abolitionists: please support

friends… i feel compelled to write this post to assist in raising awareness to a very difficult subject, but one that I feel deserves attention and support. about a year ago, Eric and the kids on his Rugby team started working out together at a new Crossfit gym that was being managed and run by a non-profit organization called “O.U.R.” which stands for “Operation Underground Railroad”. we were so impressed and amazed that this organization was using the gym as one of their means for funding their cause. but we were even more impressed by the cause: rescuing children from human trafficking.

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this is not a comfortable conversation to have on any level. it’s horrifying. but it’s happening. it’s real, and these people are leading a massive attack on those criminals who are exploiting the youngest, and most vulnerable victims: children.

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in an effort, to not only raise awareness, but also to literally expose what is happening to these children that are being held captive, as well as what these TEAMS of individuals are doing to fight against this horrible reality — they have made a movie. the movie is called “The Abolitionists” , and support is needed from everyone to go and see the movie, and help the numbers move the screening of the movie to more and more cities and towns.

If you are local, we would LOVE to have you join us Monday night at 7pm. (the movie starts at 7:30pm). You can click this link to purchase a seat via Spreesy. – there will also be other opportunities to donate that night – if you feel so compelled to bring a checkbook. The movie is PG-13. If you are not local, and you would be willing to donate, please visit this link and you will be able to donate directly to O.U.R.

Eric and I have bought out a theater for 7:30 pm Monday May 16th.   we are asking for a $20 donation for a ticket to the show.  that money will go to O.U.R. in it’s ENTIRETY, to help fund and support this desperate cause.   we pre-purchased the tickets at the Cinemark 24 Theatre in West Jordan, at Jordan Landing.

I encourage you – no matter where you live to take just a moment to go to their website and watch the trailer. learn about their process here. while the movie tackles a horrific subject matter, the message is one of HOPE and of resolve to GO and DO something! to HELP! that is what this night is about. it’s a small thing to go and watch the movie… but the numbers that show up in support will aid in driving the movie further. if you don’t live here in SLC, take a minute to see if there is a screening near you. ask about it.

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eric and i believe in this cause and in those who are carrying about this tremendous effort. we thank you in advance for joining with us in supporting O.U.R.!! please consider coming, or a donation.  again… take just a few seconds to watch this trailer… and even send up a prayer on the behalf of the kids they are trying to find, and those who are risking their lives to do it.







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