Heidi Swapp | The Adventure Side of Storyline Chapters
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The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline

The Adventure Side of Storyline Chapters

The more I use Storyline Chapters to tell my stories, the more I love this collection and how it seems to show up every time for the story I am wanting to tell.


The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline


I have started a new Storyline Chapters Insert. And in this insert I will be telling the stories of our adventures this season. That’s why I titled this post The Adventure Side of Storyline Chapters. While I have been using this paper line extensively to tell the stories of the weeks of this year, and while I have been making pretty pages with all the embellishments layered just right with lots of pinks and mauves and greys, well…I also have been hiking in the back country, and sometimes those stories do not translate with flowers and pinks. Or do they?


The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline


Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. But Storyline Chapters is seemingly able to handle prom pictures and stories as well as hiking and climbing stories.

This story starts with a large format photo. The Storyline Chapters Inserts measure 7.5-inches wide and 9-inches tall. I ended up cropping this photo a little smaller than I should have to fit the left side of this page. But that’s OK. It does not have to be perfect to work. Using a large format photo to fill the page really makes a big impact on this story. As these day trips get added to this album, I will continue to utilize this composition. Only because I like it so much. And that is why you should do what you do in your albums.


The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline


Endlessly inspired by team mate Kim Jeffress, I lifted her grid idea from one of her recent Storyline Chapters pages. While I fiddled with just the right size for these ‘squarish’ photos, I finally decided I just need to make a template so that I can use and make this process much easier in the future. You can find that PSD photo grid template right HERE.


The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline


The grid has always been my friend when I need to layout multiple photos. Using the Journal Project Pad from the Chapters Collection, I was able to use the extra squares from the grid to really focus on the whole outdoor, adventure, explore vibe. You may have thought you need to stick with the Scrapbook Paper Pad for the scrapbook pages. Nope. You won’t need to stick to nothin’. You need to make any and all embellishments and papers work for YOUR stories.


The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline


And you know what else, you won’t even need to stay in the lines. I break the ‘lines’ of my grids. A lot. Like the addition of this tag here. You can find this tag as part of the Journaler Project Pad. It’s a large sticker. I adhered it first to cardstock while I played around with it’s placement. These stickers are great for filling in the who, what, and the where. Because…well…I forget! And I don’t want to forget. Which is why I tell these stories in the first place. So let Storyline Chapters tags and stickers prompt those stories and details for you too.


The Adventure Side of Heidi Swapp Storyline


So let’s review:

  • use Storyline Chapters to tell ALL the stories. The pretty ones. And the outdoorsy ones.
  • make use of large format photos
  • use grid templates to add multiple photos to a page
  • create your story vibe from ALL the Chapters papers and pads. Don’t limit yourself
  • oh…and…tell your story



Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters is available at JoAnn Stores

author: Jamie Pate