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the art of observation, as experienced by kim jeffress

the art of observation, as experienced by kim jeffress

i can hardy believe that the 12-week  “art of observation” class that i taught at Big Picture Classes is OVER! can i just tell you that it was one of the most fabulous experiences that i have ever had teaching! those in the class community were SO involved and interactive… and i felt like the Observation process was just totally life-changing! i LOVED the whole experience. i asked one of the ladies that was in the class to share some of her projects, and give some perspective on the class… allow me to introduce the amazing Kim Jeffress. She is from Australia, and i have met her on a couple of occasions when i was traveling and teaching in OZ. she is a delight! here’s what she has to say…

the art of observation, by kim jeffress

For the last 12 weeks I have been on a journey of self discovery completing Heidi ‘s class, The Art Of OBSERVATION, over at Big Picture Classes. Heidi has taught us to observe things , to see and notice things that we might have ordinarily missed, to journal our thoughts and then create beautiful projects to help us recall these things in the  future. Heidi taught us to challenge our thought processes and notice all the little things that are important to us, we noted these down in our first project our observation journals.

There were lots of fabulous topics covered in the 12 week class including seeing beauty, showing love, highlights,  life lessons we wanted to share, Goal setting and anticipation. Heidi gave us lots of food for thought with observation techniques and photo assignments… culminating in that weeks project. We were so lucky to have 12 exclusive just for us How To videos- where Heidi showed us different techniques to make our projects interactive and fun.

For the following project we had to observe things that were AMAZING to us, I am constantly amazed by my 5 year old son’s sweet friendship with his best friend Kate. Do you spy that little lift the flap mini on my project? … a great place for hidden journaling.

Heidi’s File Memory File Folders played an important part of the 12 week course, She taught us step-by-step step how to fill our file folders with our thoughts and journaling , how to add lots of photos  (which is so important in helping to tell the story ) with photo flip books, mini albums and interactive elements. I decided to create my file folders into large scrapbook pages but other ladies kept their file folders separate to be store  in special holders. On this project we looked for the Extraordinary in the everyday ordinary. I chose a photo of my son wearing his little friend ‘s Pink glasses, this silly little photo epitomised his little 3 year old life right then!

Each week Heidi provided us with exclusive downloadable items to add to our projects all in her gorgeous handwriting, here you can see the word amazing that I printed onto vellum and added it to my Goal’s week project, inside there are lots of interactive elements which helped me tell my story.

I would like to finish with our anticipation project. In week 2 of the class Heidi challenged  us to think about the concept of anticipation we were encouraged to journal and plan an activity that we would look forward to, then in week 11 we finished off our anticipation project  after the event had happened, what an incredible fulfilling idea.

Heidi visited the class room every day and commented on every single photo that was uploaded to the gallery; believe me there were a lot. Over in the forum she was a constant presence encouraging all of us, helping out when there were questions, going above and beyond to see that everyone was happy. I want to thank Heidi on behalf of everyone who participated in  the class, I know you have truly changed all our lives in the way we see the Extraordinary in the ordinary.

Thank you Heidi

Kim Jeffress


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