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the art of observation – giveaway!

the art of observation – giveaway!

update: giveaway is now closed. congrats to Jeannie Walsh, our randomly selected winner!

Bringing back my own brand of products to the scrapbooking industry was not a decision that I took lightly.  I tried some different things over the past couple years, and even tried to convince myself to try something else – maybe something entirely different?! cake decorating…floral arranging…even my long time dream of being a ‘wedding planner’! heck, maybe I could become a personal trainer, and have no excuse not to be fit and healthy!? But I kept coming back to scrapbooking. I can’t look at a cute shirt in J Crew and not see the pattern on scrapbook paper or a cute pair of earrings, and wonder if it would work as a brad or button on a mini-book. but it’s even more than that:

I believe in scrapbooking.

I love to scrapbook. I believe that it matters, and that it’s an amazing gift to everyone in our lives.  I believe in it’s power to celebrate, to cherish, to heal and to share. I believe it’s a responsibility to remember.  It’s not cause I need a job; it’s cause I can’t not do it.

5 years ago I taught a one year online class called ‘a year to remember’, which will still go down in history as my most memorable, crazy, difficult, challenging and REMEMBERED year of my life, as I gave birth to my 5th child and moved with our family overseas to home school and learn how to live in China.  Big Picture Classes has invited me back this year, (well, I finally accepted the invitation this year) to teach as part of the FOUR EXPERTS series. It’s a 12 week course entitled  “The Art of Observation”.  In this class I will be sharing the very fundamentals of how to SEE, and notice things in the world around you, and  how to document it, in a very new and interesting way using my brand new Memory File concepts.

We are wrapping up the launch party today with our last and final giveaway of the evening and it is a BIG ONE!  Big Picture is sponsoring this giveaway and the total value is $99! Totally awesome and a great way to end this amazing day! i hope you’ve had as much fun as i have!

enter to win

fill out the registration form below to enter to win a free seat into The Art of Observation Class with Big Picture Classes.

giveaway is now closed. thanks for entering! winner announced soon!

** For this giveaway only, you have until tomorrow morning at 11am eastern to enter. we’ll announce the winner tomorrow night! see you then!

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