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the art of observation

the art of observation

registration is OPEN! class starts APRIL 5th. head over to find out more about the class… 

this class was inspired by the presentation i gave at Creative Escape in 2011… so i feel like it’s been in the works for quite some time! and yet it’s morphed into something quite interesting as i have incorporated using my NEW ‘memory file’ concepts.

Researchers have found that recalling memories is the most complex action of our minds. —it’s an amazing process of filing, and organizing and connecting all the bits and pieces that are our past. this class is about learning how to improve your ability to take notice… and then put those ‘observations’ to work as inspiration, and knowledge, and enhance our ability to recall . well, that’s kinda a small ‘nut-shell’, it was so hard to come up with a description that could adequately describe what i am planning to accomplish during the 12 weeks.

from the class description:

Heidi will help you test unique observation techniques and record your thoughts, feelings and discoveries… she’ll then help you combine your findings with photos and her trademark “fabulous” to fuel the creative process. Each week will begin with a clue and a question. An observation assignment will follow, and you’ll work together inside the BPC community to combine them with favorite photos and creative techniques…to better and more thoroughly document your life!

it’s about 8 weeks away. (don’t you think that april sounds like A LOT farther away than a measly 2 months?) it will be here before we know it! yikes!

i have been doing so much work to get ready- creating the weekly projects … they are turning out so much fuN! using the ‘memory file’ ideas and concepts is like nothing i have ever created! it’s SO FRESH!

here is a taste…i’ll be asking questions…sharing ideas and promoting new ways to look at things through different observation techniques…

then, i get to teach the new ideas i have been exploring using the memory files…
big picture classes is all about sharing IDEAS, all about inspiration… which i love. this class is designed for you to use the class concepts and instruction, and your own STASH… it’s not required to use my new products to participate… you can use any file folders, and i’ll teach the rest. it’s going to be fuN! i am loving watching my File Box fill..my kids are LOVING looking through them. it’s so cute. i can’t wait to share these creations!

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