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The Chill Pill

The Chill Pill


Today got away from me, but I can’t skip out on my ‘Techy Tuesday’ feature! Especially since this week’s feature doubles as a great gift idea for techy’s of any age!… I tested this because this month I had both my 12 year-old son’s bday, as well as  my dad.

So, my dad is like the hardest person to buy for, I guess cause we are always trying to come up with something so amazing- This year, I was at a complete loss, as were my siblings… I kept saying to eric- who knows about every new gismo and gadget usually- and he had nothing for me (oh, except the hunting tights with wools socks, in one).

ANYWAY, we were getting together on Sunday to celebrate, and Eric came home from the computer store with these amazingly cool, clever and unique speakers that you can hook right inot your ipod/ipad/ computer for enhanced listening… eric loves to watch Hulu.com and listen to Pandora.com (both websites worth checking out for sure)… but the speakers on his computer are bunk.  And for traveling, we do a lot of ‘skype’ so that we can keep in touch for free… so the external speakers made it so much easier to hear.


Ok, the mobile speakers are called “Chill Pill”. When eric showed me all the features, and pulled out his iphone and hooked them up, I was BLOWN away!
they are super small, they magnatize together- and are so small and easy to carry. The cords are on a little coil thing that self-contracts, so it’s tidy!


I guess that Eric was trying to think ahead, and he did buy a set for Cory- for his birthday, but when I saw it, I told Eric that we had to give this to my dad… he loved it! so there you go, everyone loved it from 12 all the way up to 60+something! 

i forgot to add that my mom & dad grabbed one of these little babies for Cory for his bday:


I think that we picked it up for $36 or so.

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