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the end.

the end.

Whew… sitting on the couch in my comfy velour leisure suit
and my face washed. What a day! so I have to give a recap of our
celebrations…Wed night we had our ward Halloween party, Thursday the kids
dressed up for their school celebration… last night was our family party and of
course… today was the big day! 4 days in a row of this makeup…(enough already!)
chuckle (scary laughter)…


Ok, so really… here are some fun photos from last night’s
party at my aunt’s house… she rigged up this sign on her house, complete with
lights. She and her husband were dressed up as Millie and Milton of Darling’s
Diner. Cute… and I loved Nikki’s costume- her husband (my cousin Taylor’s wife)
dressed up as a ‘bun in the oven’- they are expecting their first. So cute! 


my aunt KJ whipped up this clown costume for Capri- i LOVE it!! how perfect… and i love that both Capri and Connor were clowns together. i didn't think that Capri would actually wear the costume, but she wound up loving it! and I loved Nikki’s costume- her husband (my cousin Taylor’s wife)
dressed up as a ‘bun in the oven’- they are expecting their first. So cute!



Bryson got the cutest baby monster award!!


Tonight, we were invited to a bit of a ‘block party’
complete with 80’s cover band and kids that were dressed up “80’s”.  So much fun!! (thanks guys!!)



Then, eric headed home because it’s his
favorite thing to scare the kids as he passes out candy…and I took Capri and
Connor Trick of Treating for their first time. like most kids, they were fast
learners. I have never seen Capri walk so fast…she was INTO it!!



she would yell
‘trick or treat’ super loud, and then as I was reminding them to say ‘thank
you’… she would say, ‘Connor, say thank you’.  so cute. I loved it! Connor would try to go into everyone's house- i think that he thought we were going over to visit! he loved meeting everyone's animals too! especially this cat, he was more into the cat than the candy!

here is a peek at our pumpkins… eric gets a gold star for spear heading the pumpkin carving portion of our festivities!! i like to do it the day before or day of so they are nice and fresh for Halloween night!


But like I said, I am happy to be plunked on the couch,
basking in the fuzzy glow of cold meds.- looking forward to 'falling back' an hour tomorrow…it's been a LONG time since we participated in daylight savings, and i could really use an extra hour of sleep tonight!

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