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The forth of july is so full of memories for me… and I hope that it will be for my kids’ as well… this year some of our ‘traditions’ changed a little, but we still had a great time together as a family, and I think that is really the key… we got up early and attended the “ 76th annunal Oakley Parade”… it’s a small town, and the floats are anything by elaborate..but it’s all about the candy throwing! The kids are so happy with a little piece of salt water taffy thrown at their feet from a moving tractor!

Parade watchers

There are dance and band groups, all kinds of rodeo royalty, the town businesses (like dentists thowing out toothbrushes instead of tootise rolls) and of course the fire dept with a whole squad of cheerleaders riding on top! We loved it. this year it started out quite overcast with a few drops of rain, and ended up so sunny we could barely see!


Next stop was 30 miles West to Park City for some lunch, outlet mall shopping and the “old guys” (40+) rugby game that eric was playing in.  the Outlets were packed, and there were awesome deals! I guess we are always up at the cabin, I didn’t even know that there were such great sales on July 4th!  (woot!!)

We made our way to the rugby field and it also happened to be the spot where the whole town was hanging out and partying… I think waiting for the fireworks? The place was packed! It was fun to watch the old guys play! And eric had a blast… colton was a line judge and cory was in charge of the tee for the conversion kicks… I have to say, that I think that eric was ‘practicing what he preaches’ to his team…and just like the boys, when the game was over, he still wanted to play! (yay, no injuries)


Not losing any momentum… next on our agenda was the screening of CARS 2! We have been waiting for Bryson (my 2 year old nephew and HUGE Cars fan) to come to town to see the flick! I think that the story line was a little over the head of the little kids- I enjoyed the movie, but the little kids lost a little interest! 


Once we got out of the show, it was time for a late dinner of hamburgers, corn on the cob and homemade ice cream!  Mom made Chocolate, chocolate cherry icecream, and it turned out perfect, (as it always does when she makes it!)Dinner

LAST, and probably the most anticipated all day were fireworks! We skipped the big fireworks shows and just did the little at home ones… but this year, you could buy much bigger fireworks than ever! Fireworks that shoot 100 ft into the year! So it was pretty exciting! Full day of fuN!


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