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the memory files…

the memory files…

my approach to product design is definitely in response to my own ‘process’ and my searching for solutions to my needs as a memory keeper, and also a creative. as time passes, and my family has grown, and traveled, and now…i find myself with a very busy family- 5 kids going in all different directions, and each with their own little universe full of activities, interests and accomplishments, i find it all-the-more-challenging…and IMPORTANT to document their worlds… for me, for them… for their children, and even their children’s children. as scrapbooking continuously evolves…with cool scrappy products, more advanced camera, and computer technology and that ability to share, save and connect…it’s just an exciting thing to me: memory keeping. i like that word. i guess it’s really the ‘martha’ word, but documenting our lives is even MORE than scrapbooking; it’s blogging, twitter, instagram, facebook and calendaring. i do it all, and i love it. love to travel back through my photos, mini’s, albums and blog posts. i am so glad for everything that i have written down…and i sometimes kinda wonder about what i forgot!

in my own ‘evolution’…i have discovered that my process needed an adjustment- often i was faced with more photos for an event than i could fit on a ‘double page spread’–and i am talking when i am telling a story, or documenting a vacation or an event etc. SO, that one story, or memory required MORE than a scrapbook page to do it justice. i found myself turning more often to mini-books, or trying to incorporate pockets or extra spots to add more content.  additionally… the little creative spirit in me just loved to make ‘interactive’ components for my books, and pages… i have long been a fan of children’s books with flaps, pockets, moving parts, pop-ups etc…and from my very earliest scrapbook pages, i have loved incorporating extra compartments for memory storage–

thus… the birth of the ‘memory file’.  what if you could create a MEMORY EXPERIENCE…i say ‘experience’ because this is more of an interactive activity– looking through this…it has multiple aspects documented, and grouped.here’s an example. this ‘memory file’ contains 19 photos… this is a file about last fall spending time up at our family cabin- it’s a very special place for me- and now…for my children. the time we have together there is unlike anything else, and remmebering these times as a family, at all stages is super important to me. i describe the ‘memory file’ concept as a cross between a scrapbook page, and a mini-book. one of my long-time scrapbooking mantra’s is: ANYTHING GOES!! and that is definately happening inside these files! it’s total freedom!! Paint, ink, mist, make mini-books (openables), create pockets, spinners…double up the files for extra space and room to even GROW a memory. i love the FUN of creating hidden little openings, and tucks…as well as embellishing to my heart’s content…which just flat out makes me HAPPY!! i love file folders… love the basic ‘manilla’… love to use them as a base for cards, and books- especially for hybrid projects (right Mouse, Paper, Scissors ladies!?) i have wanted to make deco folders for a long time! so this has been super exciting! i wanted to create some ‘interactive’ components that would be as cute as they were easy to use- and coud be incorporated onto a scrabpook page, or minibook or card just as easily!

first up- ‘sentiment storage’… which is a fancy little envelope w/ cute little card for the inside- now, freakishly enough, these are designed NOT to close! but to serve as little cheeky pockets w/ sassy notes inside… this is the ‘no limits’ version (the adventure line)… they are small, 2″ and 3″ in width. (so cute in a card!) …that lightning bolt just makes my day!this is a folder ‘in the works’ (shhh… it’s a project sample for my upcoming ‘art of observation’ class over at Big Picture Classes, i am using some memory file concepts in that class… which is SO exciting!) i did some altering here, but you get the idea… and you can also see the little book on the right from the ‘openables’ … nothing like making up new words for products, right?  but that is what they do! when they ‘open’… they look like this:

if you take a look at that page above, i added some stamping and cheetah paper to the binding… so0 fun to customize!

ok…there is also this: ‘the fotostack’…  it’s a piece that you can simple adhere in, and add photos!then…da da dah… the BOX! the box is GORGEOUS. it’s nice and sturdy- it’s got sections inside… for the files to sit in.it’s got a great feel…the handle, and clasp are low profile, easy storage… simple, clean. and it comes in turquoise as well! delightful duo i’d say!i love that i can categorize these boxes… like maybe there are complete ‘memory files’ with all the pretties inside… but maybe there are files full of drawings, and certificats or season stats…maybe there are little notes that i don’t want to loose, that can get tucked in and kept together- beautifully. even BEFORE those bits and pieces get compiled into something spectacularly executed (wink), it’s a memory experience. just imagine what those boxes can hold!… magic!

well… here’s a little video filmed by Scrapbook.com in this video, i take you thought a few of the components, and show you a couple fun samples i had at the show. it’s kinda crazy how –even though these projects are more involved than a typical scrapbook page, they come together so easily- it’s liberating. no rules–just fun! i can’t wait for you to get them in your hands! (in about 3 weeks)

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