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the M&M Christmas Story

the M&M Christmas Story

eric and i teach the 4/5 yr old class in Primary at church. Capri is in our class, and we have from 7-9 kids in our class every sunday… they are adorable, and i love getting to teach them!  emily just told me about this cute poem that uses M&M's to illustrate the story of Chist's birth… she sent me the link to a post on www.sugardoodle.com (LDS idea site)  So then i just designed a little tag to staple onto some bags of plain M&M's.

the idea is adorable, and can i just tell you that the kids LOVED turning the M&M's around to find the "M", "W", "E" and "3".  they were so excited to discover that cool trick, and practically ran out of our class to go and show their brothers and sisters… so, i figured that some of you might be have an occasion this holiday season to share this cute thing, and change the way that kids look at M&M's forever… as well as cause them to be reminded of the birth of the Savior every time they pop an M&M into their mouth. i was watching my kids carefully turn the M&M's around to see their cool discovery.


here is what the printable looked like- 6 per sheet.  have fun with this!

Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 4.11.13 PM

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