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The Power of GLIMMER!

The Power of GLIMMER!



I had a totally delightful time this past weekend when I
joined the Tattered Angels team, and even the Pink Paislee girls at the Mall of
America for Archivers’ “Scrapfest”. 
I had never been, but heard all about it… and I must say, that on the
‘crazy-o-meter’…it’s UP there! I mean, standing in line for 2+hours to do
make-n-takes? I was happy to be on the teaching side of the table…although I
would have loved to just be SHOPPING instead of working!

Friday and Saturday I got to teach classes in the ‘rotunda’,
and it was quite the experience! On Saturday I was in my own teaching heaven
with the mall AV guys hooked up one of the huge ‘jumbotron’ screens to my
computer presentation and the other to my “live shot” that captured my
live-action-glimmer misting. It was fabulous!


This is the class that I taught: it’s called “The Power of
Glimmer”… the classes are only 45 minutes per session, and of course you can’t
get much done in 45 minutes! So I figured, I am a ‘hybrid girl’… so those who
took my class got ½ the instructions THERE at Scrapfest, and I promised the 2nd
½ right here on my blog!  HERE is the LINK to the Instructions that also includes the video and the photos of the complete project!!

The first ½ of the class was the misting portion of the
deal. We misted TONS of stuff: chipboard, die cuts, crepe ribbon, silk ribbon,
papers etc. etc. etc. We were using my favorite collection of colors, the
Limited Edition Fall colors: Dragonfly, Apple, Pomegranate, Autumn Nights,
Sugar Maple and a little Sunflower. 
Lucky for us, they are pretty dark colors, so everyone got some pretty
seriously inky fingers!

Here is a quick video that will give a good idea of how to complete the project!

The 2nd ½ of the class is simply the assembly of
the book. Basically, the book is made by creating a hinged front on a chipboard
backer, that has a metal fastener that holds all the inside pages in place. We
were using the ‘add-on pages’ for my Facination Folder– so for those of you
that were lucky enough to get your hands on a Facination Folder- you can just
pop your pages in that and be good to go! If not, the instructions will walk
you through the assembly process.




For those of you who were NOT at Scrapfest, or maybe didn’t
get in my classes and wanted to… you can certainly round up these supplies and
download these instructions and play along! You will need the following


Foil Chips

Add-on Pages

Crepe ribbon

Mistable Die cuts

Custom Cut outs

Dragon fly Glimmer mist

Apple Glimmer Mist

Pomegranate Glimmer Mist

Autumn Nights Glimmer Mist

Sugar Maple GLimmer mist

**in stock here the XL misting mat!!

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