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the story of insta-summer

the story of insta-summer

I am back today with another amazing ‘insta-spiration’ project, this time created by Jamie Pate…  if you remember last week, Maggie created a little book-ring-bound mini book to house instagrams from the whole year… that is such a fun thing about the instagrams, they are these small snippits from your day!  when combined, the sum total is a really unique perspective on the happenings of LIFE! 

Jamie chose to create an interactive Scrapbook page… just wait until you see what this girl did on a scrapbook page. i am so inspired by this project! i LOVE getting MORE photos into a project! and tell MORE of the stories!  This project definitely fits the bill!  i LOVE her title “insta-summer”… what a treasure! take a peek!

jamie’s insta-summer mini album

Instagram and pretty paper. Could there not be a better combination of creativity? So when I heard about this assignment I became very excited about the possibilities of what could come from Instagram and pretty paper. As I thought through the many creative ways I could display an instagram project, I found it funny that I landed on a fairly traditional 12×12 scheme. But this layout had to have a bit of a twist, so it had to be interactive.

Like all my other photo projects, this one began with a story. This story is what I call Insta Summer. It’s the story of our days at the pool this summer as it was where most our activity centered this season. Once I settled on the story, the creativity began. The layout’s foundation starts with a pattern from the Color Magic paper. It was misted to match up with the Sugar Chic Memory File that was cut in half to be home to a mini album inside.

Summer is my favorite season of the year. It is such a festive time, and I really wanted this project to reflect that. Lots of layers. Lots of banners. Lots of color. That is what inspired these pages. The creativity flowed with Heidi’s products making it easy to obtain a spirit of summer for which I was hoping.  Heidi’s new digital elements show up here too with the title. Black Letters were used for the first part of the title. Then ‘summer’ was cut on the Cameo from the Words:Summer kit.

Notice the little Instagram photo on top using the Mini Instaframes? This is a repeat of the larger photo on the Memory File. I did almost the same embellishments, only in mini form. Repeating design is a great way to give your project interest and depth.

Flip open the halved Memory File, and there are lots of treats to discover. The layering of banners and pendants and flags is repeated as well as words and phrases. The flip book on the right side is staggered so as to see the embellishments from the next page. Also, notice above the Memory File the black and white striped pattern. It is from Heidi’s packaging, and was used to help ground the mini book to the misted Color Magic Paper.

A trio of Mini Instaframes is home to a mini story of the kids and their Dad poolside. I love the chevron pattern on the Trimmings Sunshine. I cut them in half to only use segments under the two outside photos, but it appears they are connected and adds congruency to this little layout, that could actually stand on it’s own pretty well.

The flipbook is composed of different patterns from the Sugar Chic paper. It is so easy to use these papers together and they really make putting any project together so easy. Each page is slightly taller than the previous and they are all sewed together at the very top.

Each page has a photo and is matted by the Sugar Chic paper. I used a Buzz Word on each of the photos. Now I know that ‘drama’ usually pertains to a girly-girl…but the little guy can be so stoic and act so grown up at times, that I just thought it fit.

Not sure who appreciated the pool this year more…the kids…or me.

A little trick I like to use is to gently split apart the image from the Sugar Chic Stix, and separate the pieces. Especially when it is used flat against a page. Here the sunglasses image is mounted on foam adhesive square to give it dimension on the page. Then masking tape was stamped with the star image from the Clear Stamps to help hold down the Stix.

There is still plenty of room to add pages to the Memory File if needed. Continue to love that concept with the Memory File idea. There is so much freedom in the photos I choose  to tell my story, because there is so much room in which to tell it.

The whole layout was mounted on a 12×12 piece of chipboard, for added stability. Not only that, but it sits very nicely on a table top easel, because as fall quickly approaches, I am going to enjoy the memory of our summer at the pool.

Jamie, you totally rocked this one!  i just love all of your beautiful details! all the luscious layers and PRETTY STUFF!! 

… see you tomorrow!  …. tomorrow’s project is totally out of the box insta-spiration!

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