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the swing…

the swing…


For as long as I can remember, there has been a huge tree
swing up at my grandpa’s cabin. It’s always been the very first thing that I
ever wanted to do when we’d pull up. I can remember LOVING it. I think there
were a total of 3 or maybe 4 different swings over the years.  The most recent one has seen many
summers! In fact, both the trees that hold the swing are now dead from bark
beetle (so sad!) anyway… not sure how long the platform has been gone, but it
was of course the first thing I noticed when we came back this summer- so a
couple of weeks ago, I convinced (didn’t take much) Eric, Cam and Clark to come
up with a plan for a new platform. They kinda took it to the ‘nth’ degree, and
decided to cement it in and get totally serious!

So, fast forward to today, we only had the day at the cabin-
Cam and Eric hauled up all the necessary tools, and what seemed like miles of
extension cords! It didn’t take too long before the whole thing was done, and
holy COW the kids were launching off with no fear what-so-ever!! I got up
there, and as if I was 13 again, it totally scared me to death, and was a HUGE
thrill! SO fuN! the kids probably each went off the platform 100 times!

Good times, for SURE!



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