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the wet market

the wet market

This week has gone by so fast… it’s sat. afternoon, and the big kids are at rugby with eric, and the babies are home with kylee and i. we spent the morning cleaning house, and now the babies are asleep, and I may have about 20 minutes to sit in a clean, quite house… oh, what to do? As I sit here, I am planning next week’s meals and preparing a shopping list. So much effort has to go into the planning and prep, and then figuring out where I have to go to get the different things I need!
This last week, I was finally introduced to the ‘wet market’. There are a lot of different markets here… but the ‘wet’ market (I am gathering) is for fruits and veggies. Eric got home a little early on thurs, and so we were able to go find the closest one to our house. Basically, there is what looks like a big parking lot, but it’s just full of vendors. For the most part, it looks like they all have the same thing for sale. I am not really sure how you pick a vendor, they all look pretty much the same. I would imagine that they come in the morning, and set it all up, and leave when it gets dark.  There were also a few merchants selling artifacts and ‘antique’ furniture and stuff. A lot of the stuff, it’s hard to know if it’s really an antique, or just a replica or whatever… anyway, there was a guy there in the parking lot that had a bunch of home décor type items, and he had this ‘buffet’ thing. He said it was 60-70 years old (??) and a family heirloom (???) I am not really sure if you can believe what they say, or they just tell you stories to get you interested. All of his stuff is just sting out in the elements, and he has this little shed kind of thing set up, and that is where he lives. He has a little wood-burning stove in there, and a bed, and he just hangs out there all the time. Pretty wild. I really liked the piece, but I am hesitant to buy anything until I look around a little more. I think it would be fun to buy a few interesting pieces that could still work into my ‘décor’ at home.  Who knows. I am looking forward to our container arriving, and having a few more of our personal stuff to make it feel a little more like home. – ok, well, back to my story… Img_1449


I was so excited to be able to buy such beautiful produce! I snapped a bunch of photos so you could see how they are presented. I am not really very adventurous when it comes to veggies… but I did buy a lot of fruit. It’s so yummy here. So I got onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery. And for fruit, I got pears, apples, bananas, grapes, lemons, this freaky fruit called “Dragon Eyes” that is kind of like a big grape with a skin on it that you peel, and there is a big seed I the middle. (eric loves them, but the rest of us aren’t really sold)… and then mine, and kylee’s favorite fruit is sort of like a cataloupe, but it’s the shape of a rugby ball, and is so much tastier than a cantaloupe. I would try to spell the name, but I can barley pronounce it. so yummy. We love it.
It was fun to see all the different things for sale, and start to get some idea of where to go to get things when you need them.
Monday (the 22nd) is Colton’s 10th birthday!! I can hardly believe I will have a 10yr old. So eric and I had to go meet with the visa people to work on our resident permits, and then afterwards did a bunch of looking around for some things for colton’s b-day. We found a few things. I hope we can make it a special day for him. I ordered a cake from Baskin Robbins, and bought some balloons! He will be happy!
Ok, I am going to see if I can sneak a little nap myself.





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